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When is the best time to eat bananas? When is it good to eat bananas

When is the best time to eat bananas? We all know that bananas have the function of clearing intestines and defecating, so many people will choose bananas as a diet meal, but bananas can't be eaten at any time, so when is it better to eat bananas? Let's have a look

1. Eating bananas for about an hour after a meal helps defecate and remove toxins from the body, so it can also improve beauty.

2. Around 10 a.m. is a good time to eat bananas. You can eat bananas when working in front of the computer, because bananas also have the function of anti radiation, which is not only useful for reducing skin damage, but also for eyesight.

3. At 4 pm, people will feel a little hungry. At this time, eating a banana can not only supplement energy and eliminate a certain sense of hunger, but also prevent overeating and fat accumulation during dinner at night.

4. People with kidney problems, such as chronic nephritis and renal insufficiency, should not eat bananas. Because there are more sodium salts in bananas, and patients with kidney problems eat more sodium salts while eating bananas, which will increase the burden on the kidney and cause the deterioration of the disease.

5. People with weak stomach should not eat bananas because bananas digest slowly and are harmful to the gallbladder.