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France holds a century wedding. Descendants of Napoleon family marry the Duchess of Austria Hungary

Original title: France held a century wedding, and Napoleon's descendants married the Duchess of Austria

Overseas network, October 21 (Xinhua) on the 19th local time, a wedding with 'Historical Echo' was held in the Military Academy of Paris. Napoleon & middot; Jean Christopher, descendant of Bonaparte family & middot; Napoleon & middot; Bonaparte married Olympia, the descendant of the last emperor of Austria Hungary & middot; Fan & middot; Duchess of arkosineburg.

According to French bfmtv television, Napoleon I married Austrian Princess Mary Louise at the Louvre in Paris on April 2, 1810. More than two centuries later, the two families married again. Bridegroom Jean Christopher & middot; Napoleon & middot; Bonaparte is Guillaume, the younger brother of Napoleon I & middot; Descendants of Bonaparte, bride Olympia & middot; Fan & middot; Akosinberg is a descendant of Karl I, the last emperor of Austro Hungarian Empire, that is, the family descendant of the second queen of Napoleon I.

Bourbon, Italy - several European royal family members, such as the two Sicilian royal family patriarchs Carlos, British Princess Beatrice and fiance, as well as the British financier Joseph & middot; The Getty couple and other political and business celebrities were invited to attend the 'century wedding'.

Jean Christopher & middot, 33; Napoleon & middot; Bonaparte, currently working in an international investment fund in London, rarely appears as his family except to attend the anniversary of Napoleon's death held at the Academy of glory in Paris on May 5 every year. Previously, he attracted public attention. It was in April this year that he lost an engagement ring worth more than one million euros in the six districts of Paris.