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"Gemini killer" global box office! Estimated loss of $75 million or more

Original title: Ang Lee's new film "twin killers" is cold at the box office and is expected to lose 530 million yuan

According to foreign media reports, directed by Ang Lee, will & middot; Since its release, the sci-fi action film Gemini killer starring Smith has suffered a cold box office and is expected to lose $75 million (about 530 million yuan).

Since its release in North America on October 11, "Gemini killer" has only grossed $20.5 million in North America by October 13. By Sunday, the global box office totaled $118.7 million. The Chinese market, which was originally optimistic about, has only made a box office of $21 million over the weekend since it was released in China on the 18th.

It is reported that the shooting cost of this film is about $140 million, in addition to about $100 million in marketing expenses. According to the prediction of sources and box office analysts, the film may eventually face a loss of $75 million, or even more.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote in the article: 'even the Oscar winning director and one of the most popular actors in the world can't save the box office defeat of the twin killers.'