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What is the hidden danger of Boeing concealing 737max

Original title: Boeing concealed that there were serious problems with the 737 Max aircraft, and the potential safety hazards of the aircraft were not reported to the regulatory authorities in time

On October 18 local time, the Federal Aviation Administration said that Boeing pilots actually found that there were potential safety hazards in 737 Max aircraft as early as 2016, but this problem was not reported to the regulatory authorities in time.

At present, the FAA has asked Boeing to explain the concealment.

Meanwhile, Boeing's share price plummeted due to the disclosure of the news.

According to the reports of many American media, in 2016, mark middot, the then chief technical pilot of Boeing; Faulkner, after participating in the simulator test of 737max aircraft, sent a text message to a colleague saying that the system had been "out of control" and it was "too much".

The system mentioned by Faulkner is the 'maneuverability enhancement system' of 737 Max aircraft. The automatic anti stall software of this system was incorrectly activated, resulting in two air crashes in October 2018 and March 2019.

Moreover, Faulkner said he had unwittingly lied to regulators. In addition, the Federal Aviation Administration reported on the 18th that Boeing had found this communication record several months ago, but it was not until the evening of the 17th that Boeing informed regulators of the existence of this record. The FAA considered the contents of the dialogue 'worrying' and expressed disappointment that Boeing did not report the situation in time. The agency is still evaluating the relevant information to decide what action to take.

After the news, Boeing's share price fell about 6% on the 18th. Some analysts believe that Boeing has been expecting the 737max to go around at the end of the year, but it is obvious that the exposure of this communication record is likely to delay the go around again. In July this year, Boeing CEO millenberg said that if the go around period is extended to the end of this year, the company may have to slow down or temporarily stop the production of this model.