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Chelsea 1-0 Newcastle Chelsea won Alonso's first goal of the season at home for two consecutive time

Original title: Premier League - Chelsea 1-0 Newcastle home two consecutive wins, Alonso shot

October 19 - this evening, Beijing time, Chelsea beat Newcastle 1-0 at home in the ninth round of the Premier League, and Alonso scored the only goal in the game.

Highlights of the game

Chelsea won two home games in a row: after a 1-0 victory over Newcastle, Chelsea won two consecutive league home games, and both home games were sealed with no opponents. At the same time, Chelsea also achieved five consecutive victories in various competitions.

Alonso's first goal of the season: as a former Sunderland player, Chelsea left back Alonso was booed by the fans of former Derby rivals Newcastle, but he achieved revenge with a goal, which is also his first goal of the season. The Spaniard has scored goals for four consecutive seasons.

MVP: Although there was no goal, the best player in the game was Chelsea youngster Odom. He not only threatened his opponent through dribbling, but also created shooting opportunities for his teammates many times. Unfortunately, neither William nor Abraham could grasp it. With the performance of today's game, Odom will firmly occupy the position of a main winger.

Wonderful review

In the 15th minute, Abraham's aggressive closing down in the front court was almost successful. The Newcastle goalkeeper kicked the ball outside the restricted area into Abraham's leg, but it was a pity that the ball did not deviate towards the goal.

In the 16th minute, Odom got rid of the defense on the left side of the front court and passed the ball. William's header at the back of the goal slightly deviated from the lower left corner of the goal, which was Chelsea's first shot since the opening.

In the 19th minute, Odom knocked horizontally on the left side of the restricted area, turned and volleyed in the middle of Mount restricted area, and the ball was saved by the goalkeeper.

In the 26th minute, William dodged the space with the ball on the right side of the restricted area. When he volleyed with his left foot, the ball missed the lower right corner of the goal.

In the 40th minute, when the two teams were fighting, the ball hit the head of referee marina, which even made the referee laugh.

In the 53rd minute, Mount opened the left corner. Zuma's header at the back of the goal failed to hit strength, and the ball was easily confiscated by the goalkeeper.

In the 57th minute, Chelsea got a free kick on the right side of the front court. William introduced the ball into the restricted area. Abraham's header in the middle of the restricted area hit the crossbar and ejected.

In the 66th minute, Odom opened a left corner and Abraham's header in the middle of the restricted area was slightly higher than the crossbar.

In the 68th minute, William broke through the oblique plug with the ball in the middle. Odom cut the ball laterally on the left side of the restricted area and shot. The ball rebounded to the foot of pulicic on the right side of the restricted area, but the Americans were incredibly saved against the goalkeeper's volley, and Chelsea almost broke the deadlock.

In the 73rd minute, Odom divided the ball in the middle of the restricted area. Alonso on the left side of the restricted area shot directly and vigorously, and the ball went straight through the lower right corner of the goal. Chelsea led Newcastle 1-0.

In the 80th minute, pulisic knocked on the right side of the restricted area. Abraham almost faced the empty goal and was blocked by jedlin, who was in place. Chelsea almost expanded the lead.

Data analysis

Although only one goal was scored, Chelsea still had an absolute advantage in terms of scene and data. In the whole game, the blues had 16 shots, of which 8 were right. If the Newcastle goalkeeper was not brave, Lampard's team would definitely win a big victory, while Newcastle had only 5 shots, and the number of right shots was zero. In addition, Chelsea's possession rate reached 71%, the number of corner shots reached 11, and the opponent had only 0. Chelsea's 634 passes were 375 more than their opponents.

Starting Line-up


Goalkeeper: Kepa 1

Defenders: 28 ASPI liqueta, 29 tommori, 15 Zuma

Midfield: No. 5 ruorino, No. 8 Buckley (43 \ 'Kovacic), No. 19 mount (64 \' plisic)

Forward: No. 10 William, No. 20 odoy (90 \ 'Rees James), No. 9 Abraham


Goalkeeper: Dubravka No. 1

Guards: No. 22 jedlin, No. 5 Sher, No. 6 Russell, No. 2 Clark, No. 15 Williams

Midfield: Sean Longstaff No. 36, Matthew Longstaff No. 43, maximan No. 10 (85 \ 'Gail), Almiron No. 24 (70 \' Carroll)

Forward: No. 9 jollington (83 \ 'Atsu)