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What are the differences between golden silk jade and Huanglong jade! Gold silk jade and yellow drag

What's the difference between Jinsi jade and Huanglong jade? Jinsi jade and Huanglong jade are both in the jade world. It is inevitable that they will have similarities. Many friends often don't know the difference between the two when shopping. Let's have a look with Xiaobian today

1. Origin. Golden silk jade is produced in areas such as terraces, Gobi desert and desert within a radius of 100km in Wuerhe devil City, Karamay City, Xinjiang, China. The origin of Huanglong jade is mainly in Longxin and Xiangda towns, Xiaoheishan Nature Reserve and the surrounding Supa River Basin in Longling County, Yunnan Province.

2. Lubricity. Different growth environments have created differences in the moistening degree between Jinsi jade and Huanglong jade. Jinsi jade is mainly produced in the desert Gobi of Xinjiang, which belongs to a dry and less rainy area. After hundreds of millions of years of baptism on the suddenly cold and hot Gobi desert, it finally grows into a very stable jade variety. Unlike Huanglong jade, it will lose water and color; Huanglong jade is mainly produced by Supa River, a tributary of Nujiang River in Xiaoheishan Nature Reserve, Longling County, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province. It is a wet and rainy place. Therefore, the jade is fine and dense, and the touch is delicate and soft.

3. Material properties. Jinsiyu mainly occurs in secondary deposits transported by rivers for a long distance, so they all exist in the form of seed materials; Huanglong jade is influenced by the environment of Xiaoheishan mountain and Supa River, a tributary of Nujiang River. The raw stones are mainly mountain materials and water materials, accompanied by a small amount of seed materials and mountain water materials.

4. Age. Golden silk jade came out for a short time, and the relevant departments of Xinjiang Autonomous Region failed to submit for approval and naming until October 10, 2013. Due to its long origin, Huanglong jade was affirmed by Yunnan ornamental stone association early, and named Huanglong jade in the national standard name of jewelry and jade implemented on February 1, 2011.

To some extent, Jinsi jade does have some similarities with Huanglong jade. Because Jinsi jade has been gradually recognized in the past two years, Jinsi jade has developed from the perspective of gemstones and has higher wearing and collection value! Unlike Huanglong jade as an ornamental stone!