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Indulge in self admiration tiktok, what is the lyric of the original singer?

Yang Xiaozhuang was the original singer of "self admiration of a lonely girl". As a singer, Yang Xiaozhuang is very popular on the Internet because a song "self admiration of a lonely girl" quickly spread all over the country.

Recently, the song "lonely self appreciation" has quickly become popular on the Internet. Many video BGM are this song. Some desolate lyrics are accompanied by emotional singing, which makes many people have a lot of feelings when listening to this song. So who sang "self admiration"?

Yang Xiaozhuang is a singer. He is very popular on the Internet. Recently, because of a song "self admiration", it quickly spread all over the north and south of the river. But soon his song was heard by some netizens. Some careful netizens thought that Yang Xiaozhuang's song was very similar to something just like this by the chain mokers. After everyone's comparison, it was concluded that Yang Xiaozhuang just filled in a Chinese word for this song and turned into his own original song "self admiration" 。