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How long do couples usually want to break up? The following 5 are in line with it

Love should be sweet, but when there is a crisis in love, hard maintenance will only make two people more painful. It's better to separate as soon as possible and find happiness again. So once these five crises appear in your love, break up!

1. Don't touch your cell phone

I believe that many girls have read their boyfriend's mobile phone. Everyone is curious. They want to see their boyfriend's mobile phone and better understand this person.

Some men say that they can do everything for you, but you can't touch his cell phone. Either he likes personal privacy very much, or his mobile phone has something you shouldn't see, such as ambiguous chat with other women.

How long do lovers want to break up

2. It doesn't matter what you say. You can't communicate

Every time you encounter something, what you are waiting for is not the other party's hasty explanation, but the one who ignores you. You have to wait for you to ask why. At a glance, you can see that the other party doesn't care and can't communicate. In other words, if you have to think so, I can't help it.

How long do lovers want to break up

3. Mutual intransigence

There are many feelings that can not continue in the end. Most of them are due to differences in feelings. One side is determined not to retreat, and the other side is determined not to let go. The two people can't argue, so they have to win or lose.

But in fact, the relationship does not win or lose. Even if you win, you will lose the relationship between you two in the end. When two people are together, it is inevitable to quarrel and argue. Although contradictions exist, they really care about each other. They should tolerate and understand each other, so that they can stay together until the end.

How long do lovers want to break up

4. Always busy

If a person has each other in his heart, he will find a way to get close to each other and be with her. He always pretends that he is busy and has no time to accompany you. If he really works, the reason is understandable. I'm afraid he's not busy, but he pretends to be busy. In fact, he doesn't want to be with you.

How long do lovers want to break up

5. Hope turns into despair

The relationship between two people is very flat. It's not the most terrible. The most terrible thing is to slowly turn expectations into despair. When two people are together, they always have many beautiful ideas for the future, plan a lot about the future in their hearts, and make some commitments.

However, if none of these can be reached, it will become very disappointed. Over time, more disappointment will become despair, and it will slowly give up on this relationship.