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Tianguan blessing online plot introduction where is Tianguan blessing? What time of week is it updat

Today, the topic of Tianguan blessing cartoon online was hot searched and attracted the attention of many netizens. The news excited the book fans. So when and where does Tianguan blessing go online? What time of week is it updated? What does heavenly blessing say? This article brings you the broadcast time platform, update time and plot introduction of Tianguan blessing.

on October 12, station B officially released the PV of the cartoon "heavenly blessing".

Tianguan blessing announced that it was scheduled for October 5 as early as some time ago, but for some reasons, the schedule of comics has been postponed. Until now, the official has announced the date of the cartoon again.

As one of the three most popular IP novels, "heavenly official blessing" is loved by many netizens.

Now, Moxiang's works have been online for a long time, and now the 'Heavenly official' cartoon is also set on October 19. It seems that it is not far from the gathering of Moxiang's three works. After the official announced the filing date this time, the new poster was also launched.

As we all know, 'Tianguan' cartoon is painted by the well-known painter 'Mrs. gray' in the painting circle, and Mrs. Gray's painting style is gorgeous and beautiful, bright colors, has its own unique style, and is very popular with fans.

With the release of the new poster, Xie Lian looks handsome and elegant in a white cloak. On the contrary, Huacheng is evil and uninhibited in red. However, the height of Huacheng and Xie Lian is really 'the most cute height difference', and they look very well matched.

The cartoon scenes and characters have attracted much attention. In addition, the fans are most concerned about the plot of the cartoon. This time, the fans are full of expectations for the 'Heavenly official'. After such a long time of production, it is believed that the plot in the cartoon can also restore the original work to the greatest extent.

Heavenly blessing ​&# 8203;&# 8203; Bili Bili cartoon is an exclusive offering. It went online on October 19. It was updated for the first time, including [wedge + the first word 'ghost groom']. The microblog released the wedge part! Then update the latest words at 0:00 every Saturday~

Synopsis of Tianguan blessing:

Eight hundred years ago, Xie Lian was the prince's Royal Highness with golden branches and jade leaves and the proud son of heaven with unlimited scenery. Who knows that once the Tao soared and became a martial god worshipped by thousands of people, it turned down sharply, demoted and demoted again and again. Eight hundred years later, Xie Lian rose again. This time there were no believers and no incense. On the way back from collecting rags one day, he picked up a mysterious boy home, and this boy was the ghost king of the three worlds - Huacheng.

For you, invincible.

It is my supreme glory to die for you.

Three thousand lights for you and flowers for you.

Infinite scenery is you, falling dust is also you. What matters is you, not who you are.