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The wonderful use of coke in life! What are the uses of coke

Coca Cola is a kind of drink we like very much. In fact, in addition to Coca Cola, it has many uses. Let's join Sihai Xiaobian to see what wonderful uses Coca Cola has in life!

The wonderful use of coke in life 1-5

1. Rust Buster

Coca Cola is the 'natural enemy' of rust. If you have a pile of small parts that need rust removal, soak them in coke overnight and 'take a bath' them in the morning. Because the chemical properties of coke help to decompose rust particles, it is easier to clean. You can also apply a layer of coke on the surface of the rusty chrome plating - some on the emery cloth, and then grind it in circles to remove the rust. After hard rust removal, you must remember to throw away these used coke, otherwise you may have to get involved and go to the doctor.

2. Window cleaning assistant

Like the mechanism of the previous item, the citric acid in coke is a good assistant for cleaning windows. This is particularly useful for windows that are often affected by stubborn greasy accumulation. Pour a can of coke on the window and wipe it -- finally wipe the coke off the window with a wet cloth (to ensure that the sticky sugar residue from the beverage is removed). When you think about it, it's really like a cheap alternative to many citrus cleaners sold on TV.

3. Pain master

The chemical composition of Coca Cola has a strong analgesic effect on jellyfish sting. The advantage of this method is that most people are unlikely to bring anti sting liquid when they go to the beach, but they are likely to bring a bottle of coke. Just pour the coke into the area where you are stung, and then you will feel the relief of the pain. If you really can't find coke, another alternative treatment is to pee on the stinging part - of course, other people's urine is also effective.

4. Cooking partner

Coke can be used in various cooking techniques. You can use it with barbecue sauce 1:1 to make delicious marinade. You can even use it to cook the whole chicken. Here's a delicious recipe of Coke chicken nuggets cooked by fire -- try it and you'll have unexpected surprises. Sugars will give chicken nuggets a deep luster and give caramel flavor; Similarly, citric acid (found in lemons) makes the taste sour, sweet and delicious. Coke can also smooth the sausage.

5. Deodorization guard

For those who live in places where skunk odor often bothers you, a can of coke and a bucket of water containing detergent can completely remove the odor. If you are unfortunately 'hit' by it, don't care. Stand under the nozzle and pour coke from head to foot - after a few minutes, then rinse it off. That's it! Finally, I'll give you a secret so that you can get two benefits for one money: coke is an excellent hair care product.

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6. Treat disease

Coca Cola is effective for many diseases. The most commonly used is to relieve nausea. Slowly sipping a full glass of coke is very helpful to relieve nausea. If there are symptoms of diarrhea and sore throat, coke also has a good curative effect. I would also like to say that it can also treat hiccups, but to be honest, a glass of water should also solve this problem, because the chemical composition of coke does not provide special 'anti hiccup' magic.

7. Clean toilets and toilets:

Coke contains acidic ingredients, which can remove the dirt in the toilet. The way is to pour some coke into the toilet, scrub and rinse it for about an hour.

8. Black removal at the bottom of the pot

Sometimes there is a thin layer of black material at the bottom of the pot, which is difficult to clean; This is due to discoloration caused by over cooking or highly acidic foods. In order to eliminate stubborn black spots and restore the new appearance of the original pot, just pour a can of coke into it (or just cover the blackened place) and put it on a low fire stove. After about an hour, just clean the pot as usual. More ways to remove stains on the bottom of the pot and remove paste on the bottom of the pot

9. Wash clothes

Oil stains on clothing are recognized as the most difficult to clean, but detergents can be very expensive. Here is a money saving solution: pour a can of coke together with ordinary detergent into the washing machine, and then turn it for a cycle. This method is also very effective for cleaning blood stains and removing the peculiar smell on clothes.

10. Cleaning jewelry:

Dip a brush into an appropriate amount of coke and directly brush the jewelry to remove the stains on it. However, it should be noted that this method can not clean valuable jewelry.

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11. Remove tea stains:

Coke can also be used when there are tea stains in the teapot. Pour it into coke and soak it for about a day to remove the tea stains inside the teapot.

12. Eliminate insects

This one is also mentioned in the wonderful use of beer - its principle is the same. Pour some coke into a shallow dish and put it near the place where insects often haunt in the garden. Slugs, snails, and some other insects will climb in and 'enjoy' and never get out again! What a perfect first-line attack in your garden, and it obviously saves you a lot of money to buy pesticides. After that, you can pour the used coke (excluding insects) on plants that like acidic soil, such as azalea and gardenia.

13. Cleaning glass:

Coke contains citric acid, which can help us clean glass and windows, such as dealing with stubborn greasy windows. Methods pour some coke on the window and wipe it. It's best to use a wet cloth. Be sure to wipe the remaining coke on the window without sugar residue.

14. Hair Fading:

When we find that the color is a little heavy after dyeing our hair, we can wash our hair again with coke, so that the color of our hair will become lighter.

15. Create vintage photos, maps, or paper:

Dip an appropriate amount of coke with a small brush, gently brush it on the surface of photos, maps or paper, and then dry it. You can make things with retro style, but don't be too wet when brushing.