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What does black license plate mean? What does black license plate mean

I often see in the street that there are not only blue license plates, but also black license plates. What's the matter? Does black license plate have any special meaning?

Black vehicle license plate refers to the license plate with white words and white boxes on a black background. It is issued to foreign enterprises (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises), foreign and international organizations in China, vehicles driving in China purchased by foreigners in their private name, Hong Kong, Macao (Taiwan) and foreign entry vehicles, as well as temporary licenses or confidentiality institutions temporarily suspended by the customs. The white character on a black background is the vehicle of a foreign-funded enterprise. The word "envoy" in front of the red character on a black background indicates that it is the vehicle of the embassy, and the word "territory" in front of the red character on a black background indicates that the vehicle can transit.

Most of the official cars and the boss's car photos are black, which looks very dignified and atmospheric. This sense of dignity is irreplaceable by any other color license plate. Because he is not vulgar, it is really not so easy to get on the black brand. He can't get on if he wants to. Generally, he is a person with identity or background.

At that time, many people would try to find a relationship and get such a license plate, which was a symbol of identity. Because of less distribution, it is naturally easy to get a very cow B number!

But now this policy has been abolished and cars with black license plates are no longer issued. This license plate is out of print! The owners of cars with such license plates are very powerful people!

What does the black license plate mean

Another black card is the Guangdong Z license, which is issued by the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department. Mainly used for vehicles between Guangdong and Hong Kong or Guangdong and Macao. Generally speaking, the index of private license plate for self use is allocated according to the owner's investment in Guangdong. For every US $10 million invested in the Pearl River Delta and US $5 million invested in other regions, you can get one index, more investment and more.

Another kind of black card belongs to the license plate of foreign institutions in China. It is all issued by China's traffic management department and protected by foreign affairs. Car owners generally enjoy diplomatic immunity!

According to the regulations, the motor vehicle number plate can be installed either directly on the vehicle body or through the standard license plate frame, provided that the license plate frame can not be disassembled at will, and the screw cap shall be sealed with a fixing device to prevent it from being disassembled at any time.

The number plate rack shall not use external type, built-in lock type, electronic automatic shielding and replacement type and other movable photo racks convenient for replacement and disassembly. At the same time, the outer frame of motor vehicle number plate frame shall not contain signs, letters and decorative patterns, and shall not block the number plate characters. The inner edge of the number plate frame is more than 5mm from the edge of the character of the motor vehicle registration number. The traffic management network did not receive the publicity notice of punishment for the number plate rack allocated by the 4S store.