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When does the glory S18 season begin? King glory S18 season update time start time

With the official start of the new S17 season, the update time of the S17 season, which has plagued everyone for a long time, has finally been solved. Now players turn to pay attention to the start time of the S18 season. When does the S18 season start? What month and date does the championship S18 season begin? Want to know the opening time of S18 new season. Predict the start of the new season.

When does the S18 season begin?

Expected to be in the middle of January 2020

There are mainly the following bases:

1. Qualifying - game information - season time

The theme of S17 season ranking has been revised to organize the previous S3 ~ S16 seasons into a glorious start. S17 season has become an imperial edict of Fengyi. Similarly, you can also view the time of S17 season here! It can be seen that the time is from October 2019 to January 2020. It is basically certain that the new season will start in January

2. S17 end time of glorious battle order

Since the glorious battle order time is earlier than the end time of the season, the range of s 17 season end time can be further reduced.

S17 glorious battle order time: October 17, 2019 - December 29, 2019

It can be determined that the S17 season will end after December 29. Usually, it will take some time after the glorious battle order time, and the season will end in 2020!

3. The most important point is that January 24, 2020 is new year's Eve. The official will certainly update the version before the new year. It is usually updated one week and a half months in advance, so it should be updated around mid January, just three months after the season!