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The best way to eat cold dishes in summer

Spicy fish

Materials: fish, scallion, coriander, sugar, salt, rice, vinegar, sesame oil, chili oil


1. Prepare the raw materials of fish, onion and coriander

2. Cut thousands of fish into filaments

3. Cut cilantro and onion into small pieces

4. Put thousands of fish, onion and coriander into the container

5. Add seasoning sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, chili oil and rice vinegar

6. Mix thousands of fish and enjoy

7. Mix the spicy fish with thousands of pieces and put them into the plate

Cold pig hoof

Ingredients: Pig's hoof, garlic, ginger, millet, spicy coriander, lettuce, vinegar, salt


1. Prepare ingredients

2. Wash pig's hooves and put ginger into the pot and cook for 40 minutes.

3. After cooking, wash with water repeatedly and soak in ice water for 20 minutes

4. Prepare seasoning while soaking pig's hooves

5. Chop all seasonings

6. Soak the pig's feet, add all the seasoning, pour on the hot oil and mix

Sesame beans

Materials: bean curd and hemp juice, garlic vinegar, water salt


1. Prepare ingredients

2. Cut the garlic and the bean into sections

3. Put some hemp juice into the bowl, add some vinegar, mix well

4. Add a little water and hemp juice, stir well, add garlic and salt

5. Mix evenly

6. Put water in the pot, boil it, put 1 teaspoon salt, put in the cut beans, and blanch it

7. After blanching, remove and cool in cold water

8. Drain the water

9. Pour the mixed hemp juice onto the beans and mix well.

Bean curd with cucumber

Materials: cucumber, tofu, roll salt, chicken essence, sesame oil, chili oil, coriander


1. Prepare ingredients

2. Slice tofu roll and parsley

3. Cucumber Sassafras

4. Put cucumber shreds, tofu rolls and coriander into a large pot

5. Add salt, chicken essence, sesame oil and chili oil

6. Stir evenly with chopsticks

Mustard balsam pear peanut

Materials: balsam pear, peanut, mustard, oil, salt, pepper, ginger, star anise


1. A balsam pear with 200g peanuts soaked in water

2. Pour the soaked peanuts into the pot, add water, put 2 anise, 1 teaspoon pepper, 5g salt and ginger into the pot and boil

3. Cook over medium heat for an hour. When the peanuts are cooked, you can turn off the heat and take them out to cool

4. Cut balsam pear into small cubes

5. Put it into the boiling pot and blanch for about 2 minutes, and then fish it out

6. Take it out and pour it in the basin after it's cool

7. Cook the noodles, peanuts and put them in

8. Taste the taste. If it's light, add some salt, mix well and wait until it's a little mustard oil. Mustard oil can be sterilized and appetizer in summer

9. Add some sesame oil and mix well