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Chongqing Cultural Relics Bureau: Chongqing University Museum and its exhibitions have not been reco

Original title: Chongqing University Museum and its exhibitions have not been filed

CCTV News reported on October 16 that on October 14, an article "Chongqing University spent 6.7 million to build a fake museum?" pushed the newly opened Chongqing University Museum to the forefront of the storm. However, after an interview with Chongqing Cultural Relics Bureau, the reporter found that whether the Museum of Chongqing University can be called a museum remains to be discussed!

Yan Xiaohong, director of the museum and social cultural relics department of Chongqing Bureau of cultural relics, told reporters that a museum is a non-profit organization that collects, protects and displays witnesses of human activities and natural environment to the public for the purpose of education, research and appreciation, and has been registered by the registration authority according to law. The establishment of a museum shall be filed with the Department in charge of cultural relics in the place where the museum site is located. At present, Chongqing Cultural Relics Bureau has not received the application for the establishment of Chongqing University Museum. In addition, when a museum holds an exhibition, it shall file the exhibition theme, exhibition description, explanation, etc. with the cultural relics department in charge of the place where the exhibition is held or other relevant departments 10 working days before the start of the exhibition. Similarly, Chongqing Cultural Relics Bureau has not received the application for holding an exhibition from Chongqing University Museum.

In response to netizens questioning the authenticity of some collections of Chongqing University Museum, Yan Xiaohong told reporters that the museum regulations of the State Council stipulates that museums can obtain collections by means of laws and administrative regulations such as purchase, donation and exchange according to law. Museum collections shall be authentic, reliable and of legal origin. In principle, they shall not be less than 300 pieces (sets). The collection shall be registered, archived and released to the public. Collections are the foundation of a museum. Donated collections should stand the test. However, the concept of collection is different from that of cultural relics. The identification of cultural relics collection should be carried out in accordance with the Interim Measures for the administration of identification of cultural relics.

In the exhibition, the collections on display are mainly originals. If they are cultural relics, they should be identified in advance in accordance with relevant procedures. The use of replicas and imitations should be made clear to ensure the scientificity and accuracy of the contents on display. At present, Chongqing cultural relics bureau is actively communicating with Chongqing University, urging them to conduct investigation, and timely publish the investigation results to the society.