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Hide in the doomsday cellar for 9 years! The family of six has been isolated from the world for nine

Original title: the family hid in the cellar for nine years. I don't know if there are other people in the world who rely on vegetable fields and livestock for a living

A family of six was recently rescued from the hidden cellar of a Dutch farmhouse. They lived in an almost isolated environment for nine years, waiting for the 'end of time'.

According to the "Russia today" (RT) website on the 16th, it happened in leynevald, the Netherlands. On the evening of the 13th local time, the eldest son of the family of six fled to a bar near his residence for help, and then the police raided the isolated farmhouse. According to the bar owner, the man chose to run away at night because it was impossible during the day. He looked dirty, messy and confused. According to the runaway man, he lived in a farmhouse with his brothers and sisters and he 'wanted to end their way of life'.

According to Dutch media reports, these children and a bedridden man (considered the father of the family) have been hidden in the basement of the farmhouse for nine years, waiting for the 'end of time'. The local government said that a long time ago, the mother of the family died before the family moved to the farmhouse. A 58 year old handyman named Joseph, the only known tenant of the house, was arrested at the scene for refusing to cooperate with the investigation.

The basement is accessible only through the hidden stairs behind the living room cabinets. The house itself is separated by an irrigation canal, accessible by a bridge and protected by a locked gate. Neighbors trying to find out found that the house was equipped with surveillance cameras. The neighbors saw Joseph drive in and out of the farmhouse every day. According to his neighbors, Joseph also looked through binoculars to resist intruders.

It is reported that these reclusive children do not know that there are others in the world. According to one of the largest girls, these children have never attended school and have not registered with any local institutions. The family is considered self-sufficient and lives on a vegetable plot and livestock.

Rt said that at present, the family has moved out of here. The police are still investigating how the family lived so long apart from the Jedi and the exact nature of Joseph's relationship with the family.

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Netizens are curious about 'how to solve eating and drinking'

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The nine members of an Australian family live a self-sufficient pastoral life in an isolated shed

According to the daily mail of April 3, Jasmine & middot from Tasmania, Australia; Jasmine kosach lives in an isolated hut in the forest with her husband Ben and their seven children. The facilities in the shed are simple, with only a composting toilet, a water tank, a solar panel and a generator. The children don't go to school and are educated at home.

Jasmine, 31, was influenced by her grandparents. She was full of gratitude to nature since childhood. She and her husband had been engaged in garden maintenance. In May 2017, faced with tight family financial funds, they decided to move to a shed and live an environmentally friendly and healthy pastoral life. They live a frugal life, using only a box of water and a small amount of solar energy and power generation tools every day.

Jasmine said: 'I grew up with gardeners and came into contact with a natural outdoor lifestyle. I have a strong interest in this lifestyle. Nowadays, this way of life has brought me many benefits. It has not only taught me to get along with nature, but also learned to restrain myself. The resources on the earth are limited. We can't fish with all our strength. It would be great if my lifestyle could inspire others to protect the environment and save resources. "

The five oldest children were educated at home, so jasmine and Ben could 'keep in touch' with them

On the issue of children's family education, jasmine explained: 'in life, connection is essential. The connection between children and their parents and the connection between children and nature are very important. We believe that sending children to school destroys this connection, and family education is in line with the philosophical connection view. I will ensure that the needs of the youngest children are met, and then teach the older children to learn the course knowledge. "

At present, the biggest problem facing the couple is space. So many children couldn't squeeze into one bedroom, so they decided to move out of the shed temporarily and carry out a comprehensive transformation of the shed.