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What is hidden hunger, what harm does it have, and how to solve it

Hidden hunger is the hunger symptom of hidden nutritional demand due to nutritional imbalance or lack of certain vitamins and essential minerals, and excessive intake of other nutrients. He Li, a researcher at the Institute of nutrition and health of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that common hidden hunger includes calcium deficiency, iron deficiency, zinc deficiency, lack of vitamins and so on.

What's the harm of hidden hunger

What is the harm of hidden hunger

Recessive hunger specifically refers to the lack of two kinds of nutrients, one is vitamins and the other is minerals. Severe deficiency of these two nutrients will cause disease. Even an undetected mild deficiency will affect people's intelligence, labor ability and physical immunity.

Iodine deficiency leads to dementia

Iodine deficiency can easily lead to goiter (commonly known as' big neck disease ') and dementia, which is characterized by low growth and intellectual loss.

Iron deficiency induced anemia

Iron is an important source of red blood cells in blood. If you are short of iron, the red blood cells will be reduced and the oxygen carrying capacity will be reduced, which will not only reduce the body's resistance and easy to infect diseases, but also reduce people's attention. Data show that one in five people in China is anaemic, mostly women, children and the elderly.

Lack of vitamin A is prone to night blindness

Vitamin A deficiency will affect the immune system and make the body's resistance to influenza, measles and other viruses worse. In addition, the optic nerve will also be affected, leading to night blindness and even blindness.

Zinc deficiency weakens taste

Zinc deficiency will reduce immunity and have a great impact on taste. Zinc deficiency, because eating is not fragrant, will reduce the amount of food, easy to sallow and thin.

Selenium deficiency is bad for heart health

Selenium is an antioxidant nutrient, which is particularly important for heart health. For example, Keshan disease, which has been prevalent in Xichang, Sichuan and Keshan, Northeast China, is closely related to selenium deficiency.

In addition, calcium deficiency easily leads to osteoporosis and folic acid deficiency, which often leads to birth defects & hellip& hellip; Many people think that overweight and obese people are over nourished, which is wrong. Overweight and obesity are high risk groups of hidden hunger. Most of them are excessive energy intake, but they may lack micronutrients. This aggravates chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

What's the harm of hidden hunger? How to solve hidden hunger

Seven ways to fight hidden hunger

At present, China has made some efforts to deal with hidden hunger, such as strengthening iodized salt. Although there is controversy, its significance cannot be denied; Children aged 6 ~ 24 months in poor areas are given nutrition packages (micronutrients are added to soybean flour) and mixed with rice to alleviate the problem of trace element deficiency. How do ordinary people prevent hidden hunger? The specific methods are as follows:

Keep in mind the dietary pagoda. Keep in mind the dietary Pagoda in daily meals to ensure the full and balanced intake of Cereals, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, livestock and poultry meat, fish and shrimp, eggs, milk and beans, and control the consumption of oil and salt.

The survey of four types of food supplement shows that the consumption of milk, bean products, coarse grains and aquatic products in Chinese diet is far less than the recommended amount, so people's best supplement. Milk and bean products are rich in high-quality protein; Coarse grains are rich in B vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber; Aquatic products contain polyunsaturated fatty acids.

According to their own situation, focus on supplementing micronutrients in different regions and different populations, and supplement micronutrients through diet according to their needs. Such as intake of milk, egg yolk and animal liver to supplement vitamin A; Eat blood tofu, red meat and black fungus to supplement iron; Intake of iodine supplement such as kelp and laver; Often eat kiwi fruit, citrus, etc. to supplement vitamin C.

Use low temperature cooking more. Excessive cooking will cause a large loss of vitamin C in food. It is recommended to use low-temperature cooking such as cooking to retain food nutrition to the greatest extent.

Abandoning unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking, staying up late, repeatedly losing weight and lack of exercise will also lead to a lack of micronutrients in the body, which should be abandoned as soon as possible.

Try fortified food. Now there are some foods on the market that strengthen some micronutrients, such as iron soy sauce and cereal breakfast with B vitamins, which can be eaten as appropriate.

Taking dietary supplements in general, additional dietary supplements are not recommended. However, if you are away on business for a long time and it is difficult to guarantee three meals, you can take compound nutritional tablets as appropriate.