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The Football Association withdraws from the CSL and the company withdraws from the daily management,

Today, the Chinese Football Association held a press conference to introduce the preparations for professional leagues. At the press conference, the Chinese Football Association announced that it would no longer hold the shares of the CSL, and the daily operation and management of the CSL would be handed over to the professional league in the future. In addition, the Chinese Football Association and professional leagues have reached an agreement on all major principles, have also refined the plan, and are waiting for the approval of relevant departments.

Liu Yi, Secretary General of the Chinese Football Association, put forward three points about the attitude and explanation of the Chinese Football Association towards professional leagues:

1. The most important thing is decentralization. The work of the Chinese Football Association is all inclusive. The top professional league is the highest platform for marketization, industrialization, specialization and internationalization. The Chinese Football Association should fully delegate power and trust the market in order to have better development.

2. The Chinese Football Association no longer holds the shares of CSL and completely withdrew. The Chinese Football Association has shown its full support and attitude towards the establishment of professional leagues. The football association has the property right and supervision right over the CSL, and the remaining management right, management right and equity distribution right are handed over to the professional league. In the future, the Chinese Football Association will no longer participate in the daily operation of the CSL, and all have professional league autonomy. The Chinese football Association will only supervise major matters. The Chinese Football Association has one vote veto on major issues in the league's board of directors and cannot participate in its daily operation and management, which is the biggest principle reached by both parties during the preparation period.

3. The reform of professional leagues has a positive role in promoting the reform of the Chinese Football Association. The relationship between the Chinese Football Association and the league is not only a horizontal cooperative relationship, but also a competitive relationship in the market. The Chinese Football Association fully supports the vigorous growth and orderly development of professional leagues, so as to make them the most critical decision-making platform on the development path of Chinese football.