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Summary of the 10th anniversary celebration project of the League of heroes summary of all contents

The special edition for the 10th anniversary of the League of heroes has come to a successful conclusion today. If you miss the live broadcast, you might as well watch the video. We would like to sincerely thank every player who has been in the same boat with the League of heroes in the past 10 years. None of this will be possible without everyone's support, feedback and enthusiasm.

Please view some highlights in the following live broadcast:

League of Heroes

League of heroes is ten years old! We don't need gifts, but we want to give back to all the players who have achieved all this. During the ten day gift giving period (October 18 to October 28, Beijing time), you only need to play a game to get a daily gift, and receive a surprise on the birthday of the League of heroes. If you don't go online one day, don't worry. We'll keep your gift for a while. Please view the following gift list:

Pre season 2020 is coming! We will introduce more skill and diversity into each game on the summoner canyon. We gave you a preview of the 146th hero, SANA. She will make her debut in the canyon next month. Finally, you've been waiting for a long time & hellip& hellip; Always remember the request. Unlimited firepower is about to return to the League of heroes!

"Yunding chess"

Like the theme of the preseason, Yunding chess announced the second group of 'element rise', introducing new traits, professions and Heroes (and updating several existing heroes). The second group will be launched on North American test clothes on October 22. But that's not all & hellip& hellip;

"Yunding chess" will also log in to the mobile terminal in the future!

"League of heroes" mobile game

Hero League mobile game is a redesigned MoBa game of 5v5 hero League, which will be launched on IOS, Android and other platforms. The hero League mobile game is not a simple transplant of the hero League end game -- it is a game made from scratch and designed for a new platform. Please go to the hero League mobile game website to learn more about playing methods, functions and tests.

《Legends of Runeterra》

Legends of runeterra is a strategy card game based on the IP of the League of heroes. In this game, your success depends on technology, imagination and wisdom. Choose your hero and combine cards from different camps - each camp has its own style and strategic advantages - and then form a perfect set of cards to defeat the enemy.

Hero League E-sports Manager

Lol eSports manager is an operation and management game under development. In the game, players can form a world-class hero league professional E-sports team to lead the whole team on the field. Hero League E-sports manager will help broaden the ecosystem of E-sports events and further promote the long-term development of ecology by sharing profits with professional teams signed. The game will be launched ahead of the LPL division in 2020, and it is hoped that it can be gradually extended to other league divisions in the future. Please go to the website of hero League E-sports manager to make an appointment , learn more about gameplay, functionality, and testing.

'plan a'

Fist game is developing a modern style and competitive multi role tactical shooting PC game, with an internal code of 'plan a'. " Plan a 'will create a new IP independent of the hero alliance. The game will have a number of powerful characters with their own characteristics. Their unique skills will create more tactical space for players to display their shooting skills. Follow the microblog of @ fist game, and you will get more information about the game in 2020.

And more!

You may see more than we mentioned above. Yes, you're not crazy. Yes, you see. Many fist employees have been creating amazing and internal and external game experiences for players all over the world. We're not ready to share more information except the clips you see, but we'll provide you with updates as soon as we're ready.

Thank you again for this incredible 10 years. Let's move towards the next decade!

Note: the launch time of each project mentioned in the text may change accordingly according to different countries and regions.