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When will the cloud top chess independent mobile game go online? When will the cloud top chess mobil

According to media reports, heroes alliance officially opened the global 10th anniversary celebration today. As its creator, the fist company officially announced that it would launch the independent application of "cloud top chess" in early 2020 and support IOS and Android systems.

It is understood that 'Yunding chess' is a round strategy game mode in the League of heroes, which was officially launched on the Chinese server on June 27, 2019. In this mode, eight players play a one-on-one duel in each game until only the last player is left. The key to winning is to select the best hero lineup from the randomized hero pool under reasonable tactical strategies, strengthen the lineup with equipment, and build an advantageous battle formation.

In addition to the mobile game of "Yunding chess", the official mobile game of "hero League" has also opened an appointment on Tencent's official website recently. According to the official introduction, all the contents of the mobile game are basically consistent with the end game. The game mechanism, runes, heroes and other important contents perfectly inherit the design of the end game, but change from key mouse operation to turntable movement + release and other operations. The overall operation is similar to the glory of the king.