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King glory S17 season start time official service S17 season start time

Although the king glory preemptive service has been updated to S17 season, the official service is still S16 season. Since the two versions are not the same, the interoperability between the preemptive service and the official service has been temporarily closed. What is the start time of the official service S17 season?

King glory S17 season start time

Start time: October 17, 2019

Tencent mobile game accelerator (the king is Tencent game) has the king glory pre download strategy. It is mentioned that the king glory is expected to update the large version on October 17. Please turn on the pre download switch and wake up to experience the new version! That is, players can turn on the 'WLAN pre download' function and allow the accelerator to be used in the background, so it will be downloaded automatically.

Since this is a semi official time, it is very possible. In fact, at the beginning, the accelerator displayed the pre download on October 10, and then deleted the time prompt. Now it is replaced by October 17, and it is expected that there will be no change.