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Hero League Unlimited firepower 2019 timeline lol2019 when will unlimited firepower go online

We have been looking forward to the game of unlimited firepower of the hero League. Now we are also concerned about when the unlimited firepower of the hero League will be launched in 2019? The following is the specific timetable of hero alliance unlimited firepower 2019 and the specific playing methods of unlimited firepower. Let's have a look with interested partners.

When will hero League 2019 unlimited firepower go online?

Hero League 2019 unlimited firepower time is determined to open on October 29, last for 12 days and end on November 9.

Although it has been disclosed long ago that the 2019 unlimited fire mode will return in S9, at present, the official has determined the opening time of unlimited fire, and the opening time of 2019 unlimited fire is October 29. At the same time, in order to enable players to actively participate, players may brush the world competition token in unlimited fire. Here are some changes in infinite mode.

1. The balance between pike and Sona is changed. Pike's damage and HP recovery ability are reduced, and Sona's HP recovery ability is reduced.

2. The refresh time of the ancient dragon has been greatly delayed. Now it takes 8 minutes to refresh, so as to prevent the dominant party from rolling a snowball.

3. Weakened the buff of the ancient dragon and reduced the buff duration by one third.

4. Power Rune transcendence and storm gathering have been changed. Detachment is greatly weakened; Storm gathering damage increased.

5. Infinite chaos reduces the snowball mechanism, prolongs the game time and the chance of turnover.