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Ideal car delivery delay official said the impact of no more than a month

Ideal car delivery delay official said the impact of no more than a month

On October 15, ideal automobile announced that it would delay the delivery and opening time of the first mass production model, ideal one, from November to December this year, and directly deliver ideal one 2020 models to the first batch of users. The ideal one 2019 car under production will be digested through internal use.

Ideal automobile said that the 2020 model has been planned according to the rhythm since the beginning of this year, and jointly carried out R & D, test and mass production preparation with suppliers. It was originally planned to be released at the Beijing auto show in April 2020, and carry out free hardware upgrade for old users. This time, 2020 ideal one (parameter | picture) is delivered directly to the first batch of users in order to enable users to obtain more satisfactory products and save the trouble caused by post-sales upgrading. Li Xiang, the founder of the ideal car who claims to have "only one licensing opportunity", previously said that we should use the strictest standards to carry out quality control and create a car that can really reassure users, 'ensure that it is above a level and don't want to treat our users as mice'.

According to official data, the upgrade of the ideal one 2020 involves 10 projects, including the second row of double-layer sound insulation privacy glass, headlamp optimization, suspension and braking system optimization, auxiliary driving system optimization, etc. Ideal automobile said that the company would bear the cost increase brought by the new configuration and that 'the price would not rise by a penny'.

Ideal automobile also promises that the specific delivery time of each user will not be affected by more than one month through the capacity adjustment of the factory. On October 21, the ideal car will update the specific expected delivery time to the month according to the locking situation of the booking user. If the license index expires, the license index will be extended free of charge.

The ideal car, which has been established for four years, released the first mass-produced 7-seat SUV ideal one in October 2018. It adopts the program added electric scheme and sells for 328000 yuan. Li Xiang promised last year that he would complete the mass production and delivery of cars in the fourth quarter of this year, with the goal of selling 100000 cars by 2020 and 1 million by 2025.

The ideal one model was originally planned to start mass production in CHEHE Changzhou factory in October and delivery in November. In 2016, the foundation of chehejia Wujin high tech Zone Changzhou automobile manufacturing base was laid, covering an area of 500000 square meters and a planned production capacity of 300000 vehicles.

But in mid August, when the media visited the Changzhou factory, they learned that the plant 'will take another half a month to complete'. At that time, some ideal automobile engineers said that compared with other automobile enterprises, the progress of ideal automobile was indeed a little slow, because the incremental technology used was more difficult than pure electric technology.

The incremental program technology scheme selected by the ideal vehicle is considered by the industry as one of the feasible ways to solve the endurance pain point of new energy electric vehicles. Yang Yusheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, once said publicly: "pure electric vehicles have many batteries, vehicle weight and power consumption, which may not be the ultimate goal. Increasing the program is not the transition of pure electric vehicles, but the main force of vehicles in the future."

In addition to technical difficulties, the capital situation is also closely related to the progress of mass production and delivery.

According to the previous announcement of Jiangsu SASAC, ideal automobile had a revenue of 170 million yuan and a loss of 719 million yuan in 2018; In the first half of 2019, the revenue was 5.2776 million yuan and the loss was 629 million yuan. As of June 30 this year, the company had total assets of 5.842 billion yuan and liabilities of 931 million yuan.

In August this year, ideal automobile announced that it had completed a round C financing of US $530 million from investors such as Wang Xing (founder of meituan), Li Xiang and byte beat. So far, ideal automobile has completed seven rounds of financing, with a cumulative financing amount of US $1.575 billion (about RMB 11.1 billion). Ideal automobile said that after the completion of this round of financing, the company will be valued at about US $2.93 billion (about RMB 20.6 billion). In contrast, as of press time, the market value of Weilai automobile, which landed on NASDAQ in September last year, was about $1.608 billion.

In order to obtain more funds for car building, the ideal car with nearly doubled valuation in eight months is also preparing for overseas listing.

On August 16, Jiangsu SASAC announced that Changzhou Wunan New Energy Investment Co., Ltd. plans to transfer 0.91% equity of chehejia, 'the target enterprise plans to go abroad for financing, is building a red chip structure, and needs to restructure the company structure'. On the same day, Leo Group Co., Ltd., the second largest shareholder of ideal automobile, also announced that Che Hejia plans to build a vie structure and implement relevant restructuring.