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What is the cotton wadding in the jade bracelet? How should jadeite Bracelet be raised with cotton w

When we choose jadeite bracelets, we usually find that there are many things similar to cotton wool in Jadeite bracelets. Many people don't know what this is. Do you know what cotton wool is in Jadeite bracelets? How should I raise it? Let's have a look

What is the cotton wadding in the jade bracelet:

The white cotton like things in Jadeite are actually the impurities of jadeite. In the jadeite industry, we call them white cotton.

White cotton is formed in the process of the formation of jadeite, which is an impurity contained in jadeite. Generally, white cotton is a defect of jadeite, and its existence will affect the beauty of the whole jadeite. Generally, when carving jadeite, it will be removed or covered up by carving as much as possible, so as to make the jadeite look more perfect, There are no defects. When there is no way to remove the white cotton, its white cotton will directly affect the value of jadeite.

How to raise jade bracelets with cotton wool:

Generally speaking, after wearing jadeite for a long time, the water head of jadeite will be slightly improved due to the immersion of water and oil in the human body, but don't expect too much. Jadeite is easy to maintain and should be worn frequently to avoid contact with high temperature, collision and long-term direct sunlight. Because a piece of jade has been worn for a long time, because the jade has been in the constant temperature of the master's body for a long time, the green silk in the jade can change from thin to thick, from short to long, and some jade background colors will also change slightly. It seems that there is a second growth and a second spring in the jade wearer.

Clean and maintain the jadeite regularly: if the surface is dirty due to long-term wear, use clean water for maintenance, and then gently sweep the jadeite with horsetail bristle brush. Such corrosive substances are quite difficult to damage on the surface of jadeite for a long time. Remember, it's best to take off the jade when bathing or exercising. Because bath liquid or sweat contains acid-base corrosive substances, it is easy to cause gloss loss under such conditions for a long time.