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When is the movie Gemini killer released? Release time and plot introduction of Gemini killer

The film "twin killer" directed by Ang Lee is going to be shown in Chinese mainland recently. The two major actor of the play is ·. Smith, Mary & middot; Elizabeth & middot; Vincentide is a very heavyweight. At the same time, it can be said that there is a basic guarantee at the box office. So what is the movie Gemini killer about? This article brings you a brief introduction to the plot of the Gemini killer. Let's see if it can attract you.

When is the movie Gemini killer released

Ang Lee directed the film "twin killers" is a Hollywood blockbuster, by will & middot; Smith, Mary & middot; Elizabeth & middot; Starring vincentide and others, the film is officially scheduled to be released in North America on October 11, 2019 and in mainland China on October 18, 2019.

The play is mainly about Henry, an agent of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, who is chased and killed by a young killer when he is preparing to retire. After the two compete with each other, Henry finds that the other is a clone 25 years younger than himself. In this battle between me and me, the truth behind it also surfaced.

Watch two will & middot; Smith's close fight and alley drag racing are very burning! Look at the two Shi Huang, both big and small, fighting each other while crazy mouth gun attack is also very 'acceptable'. Shooting technology and image presentation have used unprecedented technology. Ang Lee's works are still worth looking forward to!

Introduction to the plot of Gemini killer

Recently, Ang Lee's new film "twin killers" released a fixed file notice, officially announcing the mainland fixed file on October 18. After three years of return, this time Ang Lee teamed up with will & middot; Smith did a great job together and created a living man with special effects: young will & middot; Smith. In the preview, the two will, old and young, fight each other on the same screen, which has a double impact on vision and emotion.

Although there are some fierce and cool action scenes in the preview, Ang Lee's strong personal style is still shown. All along, Ang Lee has been trying to use different types to convey and express his emotional thinking. Especially in recent years, from the fantasy drifting of the youth school to the midfield battle of Billy Lynn, Ang Lee's perspective has gradually focused on the theme of people's growth, and the twin killers will continue to focus on this proposition. Just like the background music forever young in the preview, Ang Lee adheres to his original intention of emotional exploration in his creation, Review your life through the competition between middle-aged men and young men.

In his thirty years as a filmmaker, Ang Lee won the Oscar for best director twice. He not only brought many excellent works, but also let the world see the charm of Chinese films. In addition, crouching tiger, Hidden Dragon directed by him has become the first Chinese film to win the Oscar for best foreign language film.

Looking back on Ang Lee's works, although there are different types, under the cloak of different styles, Ang Lee's consistent emotional exploration of life and self. In his early 'father trilogy', Ang Lee examined the father son relationship from the perspective of a young child. In recent years, with the growth of age and rich life experience, Ang Lee's narrative perspective has changed significantly. From the fantasy drifting of the youth school, Billy Lynn's midfield battle, and then to the new film Gemini killers, Ang Lee looks back at himself as an elder.

The twin killers tells the story of will & middot; Smith, an agent of the National Defense Intelligence Agency, was accidentally chased and killed by a mysterious killer when he was preparing to retire. To his surprise, the killer was himself in his 20s. A life and death duel between the old me and the young me began immediately.

In the preview, will & middot; The picture of Smith playing on the same screen shocked many people. It is reported that the young will & middot; Smith is a character made of 100% special effects based on motion capture technology. This' fight yourself 'action play, both physically and in performance, is right for will & middot; Smith has a great challenge. Ang Lee can't help feeling, 'he's completely out of his mind this time. I'm very moved to see his efforts in playing young himself.'