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How to judge whether a child's eardrum is broken or pierced can heal itself

Eardrum is a thin film inside the ear. Although it is very thin, it is very important. Sometimes it will be broken accidentally. What to do at this time:

Once a child's eardrum is perforated, it can cause two harm:

First, the protective effect of the middle ear is damaged. The eardrum is the portal of the middle ear. It can divide the outer ear and the middle ear and protect the middle ear cavity. Once perforated, bacteria, sewage and foreign bodies will enter our middle ear and cause infection.

The second is after the eardrum is worn. The patient's hearing will deteriorate. We all know that the earliest sound vibration is the tympanic membrane, and then it reaches the cochlea to form hearing. If the eardrum is perforated, the vibration area will become smaller, the transmission of sound waves into the inner ear will become weaker, and the hearing will decline.

What should I do?

Patients with tympanic membrane perforation should go to the otolaryngology department of the hospital to check the location, scope and etiology of tympanic membrane perforation. If necessary, electrical audiometry and binaural mastoid photos shall be performed.

If there is bone ulcer or cholesteatoma otitis media, surgery should be performed as soon as possible to remove the focus and prevent complications; If the middle ear is only simple inflammation, it must be treated in time and reasonably to make it dry as soon as possible. For patients with tympanic membrane perforation and no pus, check by a doctor to see if tympanic membrane repair can be performed. If the tympanic membrane can be repaired, it is the best. It can not only improve hearing, but also re-establish a barrier to prevent recurrent otitis media and avoid ototoxic damage caused by long-term use of ear drops.