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Who is the actress surnamed w who is exposed to divorce and cheating

Original title: Park Shu's divorce was revealed in the program as early as the marriage crisis

On October 13, some netizens broke the news that park Shu, a well-known domestic male singer, was suspected to have divorced his wife Wu Xiaomin, which quickly attracted the attention and discussion of netizens.

Most netizens were surprised by the news of Park Shu's divorce, because Park Shu and his wife Wu Xiaomin were very affectionate in everyone's eyes. Although Park Shu and his wife had divorced before, it was because he encountered a bottleneck in his career development, had no new works for a long time, and was under great pressure, so he left his bad temper and unbearable side to his wife, As a result, Wu Xiaomin couldn't stand the park tree in that state at that time and filed for divorce.

When his wife filed for divorce, park Shu realized that his actions had caused great harm to his wife. In order to keep his wife and the family, park Shu began to try to change. Later, in a program, park Shu recalled that experience and thanked Wu Xiaomin for marrying him.

Park Shu has always said what he said in everyone's impression and has a upright character. Now there is news of suspected divorce. Although he himself did not reply, netizens picked up that park Shu once participated in a TV program. When the host asked whether he was willing to love his wife Wu Xiaomin no matter what happened later, park Shu solemnly said he didn't know. Who can say the future. At that time, this paragraph was very real, but now I go back and think, does it also implicitly indicate that there are variables in my feelings for Wu Xiaomin?

According to Wu Xiaomin's self explosion, when she married Park Shu, she didn't wear the wedding dress or hold the wedding. Everyone thinks that Wu Xiaomin is more active in their relationship.

Just a few days before the news of Park Shu's divorce was revealed, some netizens met Park Shu alone at the capital airport. On that day, park Shu wore a dark blue sportswear and black sunglasses. Park Shu, who was traveling in plain clothes, carried a backpack and a messenger bag. He was still asking people nearby for a fire in the smoking area. The ten point tight park tree of the package was not recognized by the people around him.

I didn't expect that soon after being photographed traveling alone, the news of suspected divorce was exposed. Borrow Ma Yili's words in those years and cherish them. Source: Shanghai Hotline