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What does Bai Zuo mean? Chinese Internet neologism White left popular American popular science post

Do you know what is Bai Zuo? As another word for going abroad, the word Bai Zuo has become very popular in the United States recently. Different from the imported word "political correctness", Bai Zuo is a native Chinese social network language. Recently, the word has become popular in the United States.

Urban dictionary, an online slang dictionary that once included 'no Zuo no die' and 'you can you up', is a stream in the dictionary. Naturally, it also includes the word quickly. Let's see how it is interpreted.

Bai Zuo is a Chinese expression, which refers to some naive Westerners, who have a good education, but only to meet their sense of moral superiority and promote peace and equality. White left focuses only on issues such as immigration, ethnic minorities, LGBT and the environment. They are very obsessed with political correctness. For the sake of cultural diversity, they even introduce some backward Islamic values.

The Chinese believe that the western white leftists are ignorant and arrogant, sympathizing with the whole world and thinking that they are the saviors.

The new word even shocked the mainstream media in the United States. Fox News Host Tucker Carlson used video to popularize the new word to Americans in the program.

So busy, isn't "Bai Zuo" another new word to go out of the country after "hot strip" and "local tyrants"?

With these definitions in mind, Carlson raised his eyebrows and said, 'well, it sounds like the Chinese are looking very carefully.' he seems to be very satisfied with these explanations.

Then Carlson said two examples of Chinese netizens satirizing the "white left" in the west, one of which was the immigration problem in the United States, and they went to the United States without hesitation.