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The price of cardiac stent will be greatly reduced, and the cardiac stent will be included in the al

Original title: heart stent will be greatly reduced! 55 public hospitals bargain together source: China Economic Weekly

Since this year, a series of policies and measures have been introduced to solve the problem of expensive medical treatment. In Jiangsu Province, some commonly used medical consumables such as cardiac vascular stents and pacemakers have entered the alliance's procurement list. The 55 tertiary public medical institutions forming the alliance accounted for 70% of the annual procurement of coronary stents and pacemakers for this alliance procurement.

Huai'an Qin installed four stents in Nanjing First Hospital a few days ago. He said that the original 13400 yuan / stent is now 7000 yuan / stent, saving more than 20000 yuan for the four stents. It is reported that the average price drop of the selected stent varieties is 51.01%, and the maximum drop is 66.07%; The average decrease of pacemaker varieties was 15.86%, and the maximum decrease was 38.13%. It includes different varieties of imported, domestic, high price and low price. (source: CCTV Finance)