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Causes of glass breakage on flight 3u8633 of Sichuan Airlines

After watching captain China, do you know why the glass of Sichuan Airlines 3u8633 breaks? The recent National Day files are basically theme films, and each one has been highly praised, but some people think it is not very good. For example, in Chen Kaige's "daytime meteor", many people who have seen the film feel that some can't understand it. In fact, this is also Chen Kaige's way of expression all the time. Maybe it's not that he doesn't shoot well, but that no one understands him. However, it is not easy for captain China to win such a big box office this time.

After all, we all know that "captain China" can't compare with the other two films in terms of actors or other aspects, but it's not easy for the box office to kill its own day in "me and my motherland" and "climber". But after watching captain China, don't you have any questions? Why did the glass of the plane break?

As we all know, as aviation glass, there must be strict production and regular inspection. It can only be used in terms of crashworthiness and crack resistance. In order to complete this, it needs to be composed of multi-layer glass. Generally, the thermally toughened glass is the outermost layer, the middle and inner layers are chemically strengthened glass, and the layers are combined with PVB (polyvinyl butyral) or PU (polyurethane) or PVB + PU. This also increases its crashworthiness.

The windshield also has to resist birds of at least 1.8 kg and will not break through under the impact of the aircraft's maximum sea-level cruise speed. Therefore, generally speaking, the glass is very hard and will not be particularly easy to be damaged. The professor of Tongji University also told you that there are four reasons for glass damage: the first is the impact of hail and birds, the second is the problem of window frame and installation fasteners, the third is the quality problem, and finally the failure of heating system.

The glass of Sichuan Airlines was broken. At that height, the probability of birds and hail was very low, but this is not ruled out. However, the installation problem still needs to be retained. After all, although there are no defects in the window frame and other places, there is likely to be a problem in the installation process. With the aircraft flying for many years, this small problem will also be amplified.

However, the cause of the accident of Sichuan Airlines is still unknown. We are still waiting for the truth.