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What is tiktok 180231? Tiktok 180231

Tiktok emerge in an endless stream. What tiktok is tiktok is a lot of people feel that the head bald, and often can see netizens in the video and commentary of the chattering voice'180231', what is the 180231 of the tremor? This article is going to tell you the meaning of 180231, and tiktok to understand it.

​&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203; Tiktok 180231 what does it mean?

180231 is actually a group of numbers that are difficult to guess. It is the code word of the English letter Iloveu. Why do you say so? Just look at the following:







180231 gesture introduction:

1. Raise our index finger and draw an 'I'.

2. Draw a number eight with your hand, which is our 'l'.

3. The third step is relatively simple! Just draw a circle!

4. Then draw a scissor hand, that is, our 2 or v.

5. The fifth step needs to draw an 'e', that is, a mirrored number 3

6. Finally, we point to each other, which means' U '!

In fact, we can also directly use '8023' to represent 'love', or '180235' is also OK!

What is 180231

180231 means I love you.

I love you in Chinese is the familiar meaning of 'I love you', which is used to express love for lovers.

I-inject -- input

Investment, this investment has many concepts, including the investment in the people you love and all your feelings, so that the people you love can feel the existence of your true love, as well as the investment in yourself, the in-depth understanding of the concept of love, the understanding of the true meaning of love, and the rational thinking of both sides in the future. In addition, investment in economy is also indispensable. Love without bread is really difficult to exist in reality. In short, to get love, you have to invest a lot!

L-royal -- loyalty

Loyalty is a necessary thing for the people you love. Without loyalty, you will no longer exist in love. Both parties should devote their love to each other, a witness to their view of love and be responsible for their love. In short, loyalty is a necessary thing for true love!

O-observant -- attentive

Heart, naturally, it is easy to think of the heart to the people you love. Of course, don't forget to heart to yourself. If a person can't heart to himself, who else can he heart to? Therefore, it is indispensable to be kind to yourself. Your heart is two-way. Understanding love with your heart will make the love between both sides more solid. In short, the heart is the bridge of love, leading to the depths of each other's hearts!

V-valiant -- brave

Courage may be a necessary weapon to get love. This weapon is easy to get, because it is on their own, but it is also what some people are struggling to pursue. Love needs to be brave, face their love bravely, let their love not leave any regrets, fight bravely for their love, and work bravely for the people they love. In short, bravery is the weapon of love, escorting love.

E-enjoyment -- joy

Joy is the fruit obtained after getting or experiencing all the above. Although it is still an immature fruit, when you see the formation of the fruit, you will know that your previous efforts have been rewarded, so you are immersed in the joy of joy. At this time, the fruit of love has been formed. In the future, you need to take care of this hard won fruit with each other. In short, the joy at this time is the affirmation of love and exists for love.

Y-yes yes yes

Yes, when I see this word, I mostly think of the plot of the TV play. The priest asked the woman, will you marry him? The man is the same. It's no wonder that such plots are common, but what these two words get is a mature fruit. It should be a kind of happiness to be willing and willing to entrust half of their own to the people they love. In short, saying willing is the last wonderful time before getting love.

O-objection -- responsibility

Responsibility, don't think that if you get love, you have no responsibility. On the contrary, the burden you face will intensify. The responsibility for love, you should have a continuation of the love you strive to get, which is not only a responsibility for the people you love, but also for yourself; Be responsible for your family, love your loved ones, and live up to the love of your loved ones. This love has been transformed into your family, so you should all work hard for it. In short, the responsibility of love will always exist around you. Working hard for it will be necessary for us!

U-unison -- Harmony

Harmony, the word has always been for families. A harmonious family is everyone's longing, and it is also what we should pursue and strive to create. Harmony always gives people a feeling of peace and quiet, and an artistic conception of growing old together! In short, harmony is a beautiful realm of love!