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How to pack zongzi in Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. Many families will choose to make zongzi by themselves in order to relive the fun of the festival. However, making zongzi is a little more complicated than making dumplings. Many novices don't know how to make zongzi. Here is a detailed tutorial for you!

First, choose the best round glutinous rice (there are two kinds of glutinous rice, long glutinous rice is not suitable for zongzi, because there is no glutinous round glutinous rice and the taste is glutinous). Then according to their own preferences, you can put some red beans, dates and so on..

Here is the zongzi leaf, not the reed leaf. If you make zongzi for the first time, the zongzi leaf is the first choice. The reed leaf is narrow. You need to use several pieces to make a zongzi. The novice zongzi like this will be in a hurry. The page of zongzi leaf is wide, so you only need one piece to make the whole zongzi.

Roll into a cone as shown in the figure.

Fill the stuffing to the brim, which is good for the package behind and can make the stuffing in the zongzi fill the whole zongzi.

Then according to the spiral technique, the other end of Zongye begins to roll up slowly.

Look at the picture and scroll to the end. Leave a little tail.

Finally, the tail is all rolled up and pressed with the thumb.

Finally fold the rolled up face.

Wrap the bottom of the cotton thread in a crisscross way, and the bundle will not spread.

The best way to cook zongzi is to use a pressure cooker. Cook it quickly. Put in zongzi 8 minutes full, add 8 minutes full water, and cook for about 1 hour.