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What are the signs that men want to break up? With these seven signs, men want to break up completel

Feelings have always been elusive. It is possible that they were still vowing to be friends yesterday, and today they will be one or two wide. We all hope to have a love that doesn't break up, but it often hurts. Some people chose not to open in order to avoid seeing the flowers wither. What is more sad than breaking up is that you are still planning for the future, but he is thinking about how to say goodbye to you. Today, Xiaobian will talk about the performance of boys who want to break up. I hope girls can escape early.

1. I'm getting impatient with you

When boys chase you, they take care of you in every way. In love, they will also take special care of you and meet your requirements. If a boy starts to be impatient with you, he looks bored when he sees you, doesn't want to take the initiative to talk to you, is indifferent to you, and is no longer enthusiastic about you. The girls should not be trapped in it and wonder if they haven't done well. Don't be silly. A boy who really loves you won't treat you like this. In fact, sometimes you can feel it, but it's self hypnosis and deception.

2. Deliberately make you angry

Some boys may not want to take the initiative to break up for fear of girls' revenge, revenge, etc., so some people use cold violence and say breaking up with girls closed, and some people will deliberately annoy you. Often pick a bone in an egg. No matter what you do, he will find a small problem, make you angry and quarrel with you. He is irritating you again and again and challenging your bottom line until you take the initiative to break up.

3. No eye contact

Slowly, you will feel that even when you two are dating for dinner or watching a movie, his eyes will not look at you. He always deliberately avoids your eyes and appears absent-minded. Maybe he is thinking about something. At this time, you can care about him. If you smile and say it's okay, it should be okay. If he is indifferent to you, he is obviously not interested in you.

4. Cold physical contact

The number of hand hugs and kisses will be reduced. Even hand hugs are very stiff. They always take the excuse of being busy and don't take the initiative to ask you out. If they live together, they will sleep with their backs to you. Some people may think that girls will know such problems, but girls in love are often stupid.

5. I don't want to introduce you to my friends

I don't want to introduce you to my friends. If a boy really likes his girlfriend, he wants everyone to know how good his girlfriend is. However, if he is not willing to let his family and friends know that you exist, it means that he has no you in his heart. Breaking up is only a matter of time.

6. I don't want you to look through his cell phone

If you love someone, you will have no reservation, not to mention your mobile phone and wallet. Why not, because you like it. If you don't turn over his cell phone, it proves that he has a secret and doesn't want you to know. Maybe there are chat records between him and other girls on his mobile phone. He doesn't break up with you yet. He just doesn't know how to speak.

7. Always missing for no reason

He's missing. He's hiding from you. How sweet it used to be. He's tired of being together every day, like inseparable gum. Now he, when you are thinking about where to find him, he may be holding other girls in his arms and thinking about how to get rid of you.