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How does King glory Han Xin play? Analysis on the skills and operation skills of King glory Han Xin

How does King glory Han Xin play? Han Xin is a very popular high explosive hero in the king's Canyon. It has multi segment displacement function and is a nightmare for crispy mages. However, if you want to play Han Xin well, you must master Han Xin's skills. So how should Han Xin play? Let's have a look

Skill analysis:

Passive analysis: passive is a very powerful gain skill. Firstly, it can provide Han Xin with a certain control ability. Secondly, passive allows Han Xin to have a high attack speed in the early stage, which can improve Han Xin's clearance speed and early damage, which makes Han Xin have a strong combat ability in the early stage, and the success rate of anti field is also stronger than other heroes.

First skill analysis: displacement plus control skills can release two sections. The first section can also attack and fly the enemy while displacement. It is a good first-hand skill. The second section has no attack and fly effect. It is generally used for retreat. With the second skill, it can make a quick move consumption, and it is also very good to harvest residual blood.

Second skill analysis: jump back and strengthen the next general attack. This is Han Xin's main damage skill. If the strengthened general attack is critical, it can hit very high damage. It is worth mentioning that the release direction of this skill is opposite to the displacement direction. When releasing the second skill, pay attention to the release direction of the skill, and the release error itself is very dangerous.

Three skills analysis: control skills enter the bully state after release. The last attack of the skills can pick up the enemy. It is a good retention skill. You can use the bully effect to resist the enemy's control skills. The final control effect can also retain the enemy well. It is generally used to cut into the enemy's crispy skin. It is not recommended to open a group with three skills.

Practical skills:

With his own skills, Han Xin has very high injury and mobility in the early stage. As long as he is active gank, it is easy to master the rhythm of the game. In the early stage, the red buff can be used to open the anti blue buff, or the conventional blue buff can be used. This is mainly determined by the strength of the enemy in the field. In the group war, Han Xin must pay attention to his entry time and don't enter too early, otherwise he will be easily controlled by the enemy. After the start of the regiment war, you can lead troops on other routes. Once the regiment war is opened, you should support it in time and kill it in time when the residual blood appears.