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Why did Li Guoqing, founder of, slam the water cup in anger during the interview with L

Original title: Li Guoqing slammed his glass in an interview: he was forced out of Dangdang by his wife

In February this year, Dangdang co-founder Li Guoqing issued an open letter announcing that he would leave Dangdang and start a second venture. At the same time, the former chairman, Mrs. Li Guoqing and Ms. Yu Yu also served as CEO, and the daily management decisions of Dangdang were completed by the company's executives under the leadership of Yu Yu.

A few days ago, during a guest interview, Li Guoqing recalled the details of being 'forced into the Palace' by Yu Yu. During the interview, he also threw a water cup due to emotional excitement, which startled the female host of the interview.

Li Guoqing said that the night before he received the letter, he was at home with Yu Yu to watch the eight kings of the Yongzheng Dynasty.

Li Guoqing said frankly that he had no complaints about the management. He had been with him for more than ten years. But I can't forgive Yu Yu, 'because she is my wife, you can do something. Why do you do this?'

The host interface said 'it feels like a thorn'. Then, Li Guoqing picked up the water cup on the table and fell to the ground. And even said three 'not thorns'. For his wife's means, Li Guoqing used 'conspiracy' to describe it.

Video address: click here. (the cup fell at 2:30) source: drive home