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What is Siwu Decoction? What is the function of Siwu Decoction? Summary of the efficacy of Siwu Deco

In the process of women's growth, they are always accompanied by a variety of gynecological diseases. Once they are not well conditioned, they will cause the root cause of the disease. We all know that although medicine works faster, it also does great harm to the body. Therefore, we gradually turn our attention to traditional Chinese medicine. Although the effect is relatively slow, the harm to the body is relatively small. We often hear about Siwu soup, but do you know it?

1. What is Siwu soup?

Siwu Decoction is a kind of medicinal diet of Han nationality, which has a history of hundreds of years. It is made of Angelica sinensis, Sichuan dome, Rehmannia glutinosa and white peony. However, in Taiwan Province of our country, the more popular rose Siwu soup is boiled from Angelica sinensis, chuanqiong, cinnamon, cooked Rehmannia or raw rehmannia. According to the cold or hot constitution, we need to choose different cooked Rehmannia or raw rehmannia.

2. What effects does it have?

Siwu Decoction has the reputation of 'gynecological holy medicine', which shows that it is very helpful to women. It can replenish blood and activate blood circulation, treat menstrual disorders, less menstrual volume and abdominal pain during menstruation. It can also relieve pain, calm nerves, treat migraine, regulate mood and relieve depression. And it is also a good beauty product, which can make women ruddy, healthy and shiny.

3. When should I drink Siwu soup?

Siwu soup can be drunk in every season, but the effect can be achieved in autumn is the best in all seasons. After a hot summer, our body will consume a lot of energy, and there will be a long and cold winter, so we should lay a good foundation in advance. Autumn is the best season. On the one hand, it can repair the loss in summer, on the other hand, it can regulate the internal organs, improve immunity, enhance physique and prepare for winter.

Nowadays, men and women are equal, and women don't stay at home and be full-time housewives as they used to. They have their own career, but with it, the mental pressure is gradually increasing. Therefore, some blood tonic and anti-aging methods are also essential. It is worth noting that Siwu Decoction can not be taken during menstruation. It must be approved by the doctor first.