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Which is more important, education or ability? Education determines your lower limit and ability det

Some time ago, two pieces of news seemed to have aroused people's discussion on which is more important: when recruiting new employees this year, the Forbidden City stipulated that applicants should have a master's degree or above from a famous university, and only 17000 of the 40000 people who finally signed up took the exam; The annual salary of the eight 2019 doctoral students recruited by Huawei is as low as 896000 yuan and as high as 2.01 million yuan.

Since the enrollment expansion of colleges and universities, the severe employment situation has intensified year by year. Some famous enterprises prefer famous school graduates and value academic qualifications, resulting in a complete tear in the discourse conflict between famous and non famous schools, and further prompting the public to ask which is more important? What's your opinion?

Education is a stepping stone. It determines where you can go; And his ability determines how far you can go. In fact, both of them are very important. There is no upper limit on ability, but there is an upper limit on education. These two things come down in one continuous line, but without education as support, you simply have no chance to prove your ability! Education from major universities. But the ability comes from social university. Sum up in one sentence; Education determines your lower limit, and ability determines your upper limit!