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The name of quadruplets on National Day was praised by netizens: it sounds good and meaningful

Original title: the name of quadruplets on the National Day has been set up. Netizen: I wish the children grow up healthily

On national day, a post-90s mother gave birth to quadruplets. Her name was so creative. Her babies were not only born on national day, but also rare quadruplets, three of them boys and one girl.

The mother of quadruplets is Li Xiaowan, 26 years old, from Anhui. Li Xiaowan was found to have quadruplets when she was more than two months pregnant. Her family was very happy. Li Xiaowan said that at that time, the doctor said he had arranged two follicles, which may be twins. Unexpectedly, he turned into quadruplets in the later stage. Li Xiaowan was both happy and worried from the moment she knew the news. She was happy that she had four babies at one time. She was worried about the risk of multiple births. In order to take good care of his wife, Li Xiaowan's husband quit his job and took good care of her at home.

When she was more than five months pregnant, Li Xiaowan's stomach bulged like she was about to give birth. Since she became pregnant, Li Xiaowan has insisted on recording every bit of pregnancy, then shared it with the Internet and accumulated a lot of fans. At first, I only knew that the baby's due date was around the national day. Now it happens that four 'National Day babies' were born on the national day. Her fans have soared, reaching more than 1 million and nearly 8 million praise.

The youngest of the quadruplets is a daughter and the other three are brothers. The four children were born prematurely and their weight was too small. The heaviest eldest son had two kilograms and seven Liang, and the lightest little daughter had only two kilograms and two Liang. Now all four children live in an incubator for observation. Li Xiaowan hasn't seen the children yet, but she can't wait to plan the children's future. She believes that the children were born on the 70th birthday of the motherland, which is due to the national day. Later, she will let the children serve the country as soldiers.

Enthusiastic netizens have named the 'four national treasures', Qiqi (7), Shishi (10), Zhouzhou (Zhou) and every year (year).

Some people say it's called 'Yuyu, Guoguo, Tongtong and Qinqin'. Together, it's homonymous for 'celebrating with the country'

On the 7th, Bao's father revealed the answer. The baby was called 'Yu Guo, Tong Qing, Qi Lin and nian'an'. The little aunt of quadruplets said that her name referred to the opinions of netizens.