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What's the use of ginger cola? The efficacy, function and taboo of ginger cola are introduced

Ginger Cola has many functions, especially when you catch a cold in autumn and winter. Here are the functions and taboos of ginger Cola:

1. Ginger can dispel the wind and disperse the cold and enhance sweating. Coke can reconcile the taste of ginger, increase heat and warm the stomach. It has a miraculous effect on sore throat and tonsillitis caused by a cold. It is most suitable for winter. It tastes sweet and spicy. It can increase heat, warm the stomach, prevent cold and remove phlegm. It is most suitable for winter.

2. It can help effectively sterilize, especially against Salmonella, and prevent gastrointestinal discomfort caused by bacteria.

3. Coke can neutralize the taste of ginger juice. It is especially suitable for people who don't like taking medicine, especially children. The utility model has the advantages of simple production, cheap and easy to buy food materials, and is suitable for family standing.