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Release time of Pirates of the Caribbean Recently, "Pirates of the Caribbean 5: no proof of death" officially entered the domestic screen on May 25, which is undoubtedly a visual feast for pirates fans for many years. I believe that many young people haven't come to the cinema to have a look at it. The following editor will give you some perspective!

On Friday, the Disney fantasy action blockbuster "Pirates of the Caribbean 5", starring Johnny Middleton Depp, will be released simultaneously in China and the United States. Due to the six-year long distance from the last one, the market has already changed dramatically, and the market performance of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is particularly concerned.

For Disney and Depp, the $230 million movie is of great significance and can be seen as their own turnaround. Several Disney blockbusters this year, star wars, beauty and beast, and Galaxy guard 2, have had a mediocre response in the mainland, making last year's domineering Disney in an unprecedented predicament. As for Depp, because in recent years, almost all of his films are on the streets, he has to show a box office blockbuster to prove his superstar status. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is his best chance.

Word of mouth failure

Can "Jia 5" continue to write box office myth

"Pirates of the Caribbean" series is Disney's super IP. In addition to the first one, the other three films have made around $1 billion in global box office. Johnny Depp also maintains his superstar status with the iconic role of Captain Jack.

Despite its commercial success, the word-of-mouth of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series has been deteriorating. After the fourth film with a low word-of-mouth, the series is temporarily suspended. It took a long six years for a new pair of directors to make the fifth film. In recent years, Depp, who has bad movie king temperament and frequent negative news exposure, has no surprise to return, trying to save his star aura.

However, the reputation of "Pirates of the Caribbean 5" once again disappointed Disney. At present, the freshness of rotten tomato is only 28%, with a comprehensive score of 4.5, while the score of Metacritic website is only 41. It seems that it is not too much to call it a rotten film. Such public praise is very similar to the last super blockbuster "Alice in Wonderland 2" cooperated by Disney and Depp last year. The investment of "Alice in Wonderland 2" is as high as 170 million US dollars, and the final harvest in North America is only 77.04 million US dollars, and the global box office is only 299 million US dollars, which is a serious work.

Maybe the only thing that keeps Disney optimistic is that the previous films in this series are not well-known, but they have sold nearly $3 billion at the box office. So why can't "Pirates of the Caribbean 5" sell well this time?

This weekend, the record of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will be known.

Market change

It's hard to break the box office ceiling in the mainland

Chinese audiences also love the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films. The last "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" won a box office of 464 million yuan, ranking third in the mainland box office in 2011, second only to "Transformers 3" and "Kung Fu Panda 2", but far exceeding the 252 million yuan box Office of "speed and passion 5".

Now in the past six years, the mainland market of China has undergone tremendous changes. The market capacity has increased greatly, and the box office champion has reached the level of 3 billion +, but the audience is also more and more difficult to serve. There are many blockbusters that sell well, but it is more and more common to rest. The best example is that Disney's three films landing on the mainland this year, star wars, beauty and beast, Galaxy guard 2, are all big IPS, but they are not satisfied with the local conditions, and they have received 478 million yuan, 592 million yuan and 596 million yuan respectively, far below the expected level.

"Pirates of the Caribbean 5" is a special effect action blockbuster loved by mainland audiences. With some emotional factors and excellent schedule, it happens to catch up with the national holiday Dragon Boat Festival. Without accident, it will easily break through 1 billion yuan at the box office and become the first Disney film of this year with satisfactory results.

However, I'm afraid that "plus 5" can't duplicate the historical good result of the last mainland box office year's third place. It's very difficult for it to break through the box office ceiling of 2 billion yuan. In sharp contrast, it was the "speed shock" series that was far inferior to "Jia 4". This year, "speed 8" got 2.665 billion yuan at the box office early, and now it ranks the top of the year. Next, the latest work of "Transformers" series of "Transformers 5" in the last rolling compaction of "Jia 4" will also achieve a score of 2 billion +.

In addition, the endurance space of "plus 5" is also a big problem. One week after the release of "plus 5", the DC superhero movie "amazing woman" will come. Unless the results of "plus 5" are amazing, it may be cut short and enter the finishing stage in advance.

Stars continue

Depp is sure to turn around this time

Even though "plus 5" is hard to make phenomenal box office, the results can still be said. For Johnny Middleton Depp, who is in a bad time, this great work is just like a timely rain, which can make him turn around once and for all.

In recent years, Depp's star aura has repeatedly failed, and his image has been greatly affected by his divorce farce with his ex-wife. The most important thing is that Depp has become the star with the lowest cost performance in Hollywood due to its super high pay and low return. Not only the dark shadows, the lone ranger, the transcendental hacker and Alice in Wonderland 2 are high investment blockbusters, which make the investors want to cry, but also the middle cost noble robber and so on.

It seems that Depp's crazy way of playing makes the audience seriously tired of aesthetic appreciation. He has become a regular guest of golden raspberry Award for his excellent acting skills. Even Depp has become one of the strongest candidates for the award of the worst actor (foreign language) in Douban's douzao unit.

In such an awkward bottleneck period, it may only be back in Pirates of the Caribbean that he can conquer the audience again. After all, Captain Jack and Depp are a natural combination. The only question is, will captain jack of Depp also make people aesthetic tired?

I hope not.