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Recommended by 1000 yuan Android machine with the highest cost performance in the Android mobile pho

September and October are two months for the centralized release of new mobile phones. In September, many new models appeared, and most of them focus on cost-effective models. What are the most cost-effective mobile phones? This article brings you the ranking list of mobile phone cost performance within 1500 in September. Let's see if there is one you like.

It should be noted that starting from the current list, the performance score of the rabbit performance price ranking version will be calculated based on the running score of the V8 version, and the calculation standard is the performance running score divided by the current selling price.

In addition, the condition for selecting the performance price ratio is that the model must enter the general list of rabbit performance ranking. If you do not enter the performance list because of the insufficient number of effective running points, you will not be included in the performance list even if the cost performance is very high. As before, whether the mobile phone is in stock is still an important reference standard. JD can't enter the list if it shows no goods.

After the release of anrabbit V8 version, the running score of each model has increased to a certain extent (not performance improvement), so the cost performance value has also improved. However, due to the change of scoring system, the cost performance value of V8 version cannot be compared with that of V7 version.

500-1499 yuan

First place: realm Q 4 + 64GB

Average running score: 213503

Cost performance value: 213.9

Selling price: 998 yuan

In early September, realme released a new 1000 yuan machine known as the "four camera fast Raptor". The machine is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 712 chip, all of which are equipped with ufs2.1 flash memory as standard, and the rear main camera is 48 million pixels (Sony IMX 586). At the same time, it is equipped with 4035mah battery, supplemented by vooc 20W flash charging. The starting price of this configuration is only 998 yuan, which directly pushed Meizu X8 out of the top of the list last month and occupied the first place in the price list.

From this point of view, 48 million pixels have basically come to the thousand yuan machine. What's the next function or screen fingerprint recognition?

Second place: Meizu X8 4 + 64GB

Average running score: 187388

Cost performance value: 208.4

Selling price: 899 yuan

Meizu X8 is an older model, but it is better than the price promotion. It is also very cost-effective to buy a mobile phone equipped with Xiaolong 710 for 899 yuan. In terms of configuration, the machine is a good model of Meizu with special-shaped screen design. It provides a front 20 million pixel camera and a rear 12 million + 5 million pixel dual camera, with a battery capacity of 3210mah.

In addition, according to the official news, Meizu X8 will be updated with flyme 8 in December, and the fluency will be further improved at that time.

Third place: glory 9x 4 + 64GB

Average running score: 283891

Cost performance value: 202.9

Selling price: 1399 yuan

In the third place is the glory 9x. The biggest advantage of the aircraft is that it is equipped with a Kirin 810 chip, which has leapfrog performance at the same price. It can be seen from the ranking that the glory 9x is the model with the highest score, with a score of 283891. It is undeniable that its performance is very excellent. In other configurations, the glory 9x adopts a 6.59-inch display and uses a lifting front camera scheme to further improve the screen share.

Even so, the glory 9x is still a little insufficient, that is, 10W charging, but in front of high performance and price, this is not much to say.

In addition to the above three products, the top ten models with a price of 500-1499 yuan also include redmi note 8 Pro 6 + 64GB, vivo Z3 6 + 64GB, redmi note 8 4 + 64GB, glory 8x4 + 64GB, redmi note 7 6 + 64GB, vivo z5x 6 + 64GB and redmi note 7 Pro 6 + 128GB.