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Schweinsteiger Retired! Led Germany to win the 2014 World Cup

Original title: Schweinsteiger announced his retirement at the end of the season. The German legend has become a thing of the past

On October 8 Beijing time, Schweinsteiger, a former German international and now playing for the Chicago flame, announced his retirement at the end of the season.

Schweinsteiger wrote on his personal Twitter: 'it's time (to announce retirement). I want to thank you and my team: Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Chicago flame and German national team. Of course, I also want to thank Ivanovic, my family for their support and thank you!' Schweinsteiger is also equipped with four pictures. Each picture is the highlight period of Schweinsteiger's four teams in his career. He won the world cup with Germany in 2014, helped Bayern win the Champions League in 2013, won the FA Cup for Manchester United in 2016 and took a group photo with the Chicago flame team. After Schweinsteiger announced his retirement, Chicago flame paid tribute to him on official Twitter: 'you will always be a legend!'

Schweinsteiger, 35, started his career in Bayern Munich and rose to the first team of Bayern Munich in 2002. He helped Bayern win 8 Bundesliga titles, 7 German Cup titles, 2 German Super Cup titles, 1 Champions League title, 1 World Club Cup title and 1 European Super Cup title. In July 2015, Schweinsteiger transferred to Manchester United. In 2015-2016 season, Schweinsteiger helped Manchester United win the FA Cup. In 2016-2017 season, Schweinsteiger followed Manchester United to win the League Cup and the Europa League Cup.

In May 2017, Schweinsteiger left Europe to join the major league team Chicago flame. So far, Schweinsteiger has played 92 times on behalf of Chicago flame and scored 8 goals. Schweinsteiger made his debut for the German national team in June 2004, making a total of 121 appearances for the German national team and scoring 24 goals. In the summer of 2014, Schweinsteiger helped Germany win the world cup in Brazil and win the Hercules cup.