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Jinyong Hangzhou villa has a good view and environment, but it has never been checked in

Today, Jinyong Hangzhou villa is on sale. At present, the listing price is 68 million yuan. It is understood that this is Mr. Jin Yong's second house in the mainland and Jiuxi Rose Garden Villa between Wuyun mountain and Qiantang River. The former residence of Jin Yong is an independent villa with a garden, with a construction area of 453.35 m2 and a garden area of about 1800 m2. It is backed by Wuyun mountain and has a wide view.

Almost 21 years ago, at this time, it was clear and crisp in autumn. Mr. Jin Yong and his wife came to Jiuxi rose garden villa area in Hangzhou green city on the recommendation of their friends, and finally selected a villa in the North District as his and his wife's home in Hangzhou. The house is shaded by ancient trees, overlooking the vast Qiantang River and the green Wuyun mountain. Jin Yong is very satisfied. After buying Jiuxi rose garden, he joked: "with the bright moon and the literati, I can invite Ms. Qiongyao from the next house to drink Longjing tea." At that time, Qiongyao had bought a set of real estate in the Chang'an resort next door. Now, the two "distant relatives" from Haining had another place to "compete".

However, it is understood that Jin Yong has not lived here, and the house is still blank. Lin Leyi, Jin Yong's wife, once revealed Jin Yong's Thoughts: his favorite city in his life is indeed Hangzhou, and he did have the idea of dying in Hangzhou. However, due to the long life in Hong Kong and convenient medical services, the trip could not be made in the end.