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Can pregnant women eat sprouted potatoes? What should you pay attention to when eating potatoes

Can pregnant women eat sprouted potatoes? Potatoes are a very common crop in our life. Generally, after we buy potatoes, if we don't eat potatoes in time, it's very easy to grow buds. Can we eat potatoes with buds? Can pregnant women eat sprouted potatoes? Let's have a look

Can pregnant women eat sprouted potatoes

Pregnant women cannot eat sprouted potatoes, and neither pregnant women nor non pregnant women should eat sprouted potatoes. Eating sprouted and rotten potatoes can lead to human poisoning. Potatoes contain a toxin called solanine, which is concentrated in the parts of germination, greening and ulceration. It has been determined that the content of solanine in each kilogram of potato buds can be as high as 5200 mg, 60-65 times higher than that in potato chips.

After absorption into the blood, solanine has hemolytic effect. It can also paralyze sports (sports food) and respiratory center, stimulate gastric mucosa, and finally die due to respiratory center paralysis. In addition, the structure of solanine is similar to human steroid hormones such as androgen, estrogen, progesterone and other sex hormones.

If pregnant women eat a large amount of potatoes with high alkaloids for a long time, they will have teratogenic effect in their body. It is estimated that pregnant women with a certain genetic tendency and sensitive to alkaloids can give birth to abnormal children by eating 44.2-252g potatoes. Moreover, the alkaloids in potatoes can not be reduced by conventional cooking such as water immersion, steaming and boiling. In view of this, pregnant women (pregnant women's food) should not eat or eat less potatoes.

Some pregnant women like to eat potato chips sold on the market. Although they have been treated with high temperature, the content of solanine will be reduced accordingly, but it contains high oil (oil food) fat and salt. Eating more will not only cause obesity, but also induce pregnancy hypertension (blood pressure food) syndrome and increase pregnancy risk, so they can't be greedy.

Precautions for eating potatoes

The bell potato contains solanine, and the toxic component is solanine (c45h73o15n), also known as potato toxin. The content of Solanin in immature and purple skinned potatoes or germinated potatoes increases to 25 ~ 60mg, or even 430mg. Therefore, eating a large amount of immature or germinated potatoes can cause acute poisoning.

Potatoes, especially potatoes, contain a toxic substance called alkaloids. Human intake of a large amount of alkaloids will cause poisoning, nausea, diarrhea and other reactions. This toxic compound is usually concentrated in potato skin, so you must peel it when eating, especially the green skin. In addition, sprouted potatoes are more toxic. When eating, be sure to dig out the sprouts and sprout roots and soak them in clean water. It is appropriate to burn a fire when stewing.

Pregnant women often eat potato with high alkaloid content, which may lead to fetal malformation. Of course, there are great individual differences among people. Not everyone will be abnormal after eating potatoes, but pregnant women should not eat or eat less potatoes, especially potatoes stored and germinated for a long time, which is particularly important for women in early pregnancy.

The stems and leaves of potato plants are poisonous, even the potato itself is poisonous. If you have carefully observed potatoes, you may find that some potatoes are slightly green, which is caused by the toxicity of glycoalkaloids.

In the past, there have been cases of death due to potato toxicity. Although it is very rare, most of them are because of drinking potato leaf tea or eating green potatoes. The fatal event is not sudden. After eating, the parties are often weak at first, and then fall into a coma. Don't worry about the occasional green potato chips, but be sure to throw away the potatoes with green buds or green skin. Don't cook them again, especially be careful not to give them to children.

Wild potatoes are highly toxic. Solanine poisoning can lead to headache, diarrhea, convulsions, coma and even death. However, the toxicity of commonly cultivated potatoes is very low, and there are few potato poisoning events. Cultivated potatoes generally contain alkaloids less than 0.2 mg / g, and generally more than 200 mg will lead to poisoning, which is equivalent to eating 1.4 kg of raw potatoes at a time. If potatoes are exposed to light during storage, they will turn green and toxic substances will increase; The purple part of the sprouted potato bud eye will also cause the accumulation of toxic substances, which is prone to poisoning events. Pay special attention when eating.