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Jin Yong's former residence is listed for sale at a price of 68 million yuan. It is still a blank ho

"Jin Yong's former residence has been officially listed for sale." Recently, according to Qian Bao, it was learned from the circle of luxury house brokers in Hangzhou that Mr. Jin Yong's second house in the mainland, Jiuxi Rose Garden Villa between Wuyun mountain and Qiantang River, was listed for sale.

A luxury agent said that Jiuxi rose garden, the former residence of Jin Yong, is an independent villa with a garden, with a construction area of 453.35 m2 and a garden area of about 1800 m2. It is backed by Wuyun mountain and has a broad vision. At present, the listing price is 68 million yuan.

In September 1998, on the recommendation of his friends, Jin Yong visited Jiuxi rose garden villa area in Hangzhou green city and selected a villa in the North District as his and his wife's home in Hangzhou. The house is shaded by ancient trees, overlooking the vast Qiantang River and the green Wuyun mountain.

After buying Jiuxi rose garden, Jin Yong joked: "with the bright moon and the literati, I can invite Ms. Qiongyao from the next house to drink Longjing tea." Because Qiongyao once bought a real estate in Chang'an resort next door.

However, according to the reporter, Jin Yong has not lived here for many years, and the house is still blank.

In addition to Jiuxi rose garden, Yuanhua apartment beside Hubin Road also has a real estate purchased by great Xia Jin. However, in June last year, luxury brokers in Hangzhou contacted Mr. Jin Yong's housekeeper, but neither house was willing to sell at that time.

In addition, at No. 13 Lingyin Road near Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Mr. Jin Yong spent 14 million to build and donate Yunsong bookstore in Hangzhou. This is also Mr. Jin Yong's first house in the mainland.

Yunsong Bookstore covers an area of nearly five mu. It was built in October 1994. It was built by Hangzhou municipal government. After completion, it was decorated internally by a decoration company in Hong Kong. It cost more than 14 million yuan and was funded by Jin Yong.

After its completion in 1996, Mr. Jin Yong felt that the bookstore was too beautiful and was on the Bank of Xizi lake. It should not be enjoyed by him alone. It should be shared by the public so that ordinary people can share the beautiful scenery. Therefore, he decided to donate Yunsong bookstore to Hangzhou free of charge for literary lovers and tourists to visit, and become a free cultural scenic spot in Hangzhou.

Lin Leyi, Jin Yong's wife, once revealed Jin Yong's Thoughts: his favorite city in his life is indeed Hangzhou, and he did have the idea of dying in Hangzhou. However, due to the long life in Hong Kong and convenient medical services, the trip could not be made in the end.