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Primary school students celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China

The National Day on October 1 is the 70th birthday of our great motherland. The whole country is jubilant. With 5000 years of implication and accumulation and 70 years of sublation and inheritance, China is now swaggering at the dawn of the new century with a posture of being neither humble nor arrogant, not surprised or impatient. On the 70th anniversary of the motherland's birthday, we have sorted out the excellent theme solicitation for celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. Let's have a look

Topic composition on the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China

We are about to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. After going through ups and downs, our motherland finally won today's happy life. Dear mother of the motherland, I deeply bless you.

In the past, our economy was backward, our culture and education were backward, and we were poor. In old China, people were "naked and hungry" and were humiliated to wear the hat of "sick man of East Asia". With the belief of hard struggle and their own labor, the Chinese people have changed the backward face of poverty. Some people say that China is a sleeping lion, but one day he will wake up. Oh, no, he has awakened and stands like a golden stone in the east of the world.

70 years, we have gone through trials and hardships; In the past 70 years, we have built a vibrant motherland; In the past 70 years, earth shaking changes have taken place in the motherland; In the past 70 years, let the motherland move from the "sick man of East Asia" to the ranks of powerful countries.

Today's China is prosperous and strong; Today's China is happy; Today's China is booming; Today's China, the country is peaceful and the people are safe; Today's China is rich and the people are strong & hellip& hellip; These are all created by Chinese children with wisdom and sweat.

Mother of the motherland, weather beaten, through vicissitudes of life, finally ushered in a prosperous day, finally changed her old appearance, and finally prospered. These are the lost heroes, those who have second-rate patriotism, and the common wish of Chinese children and grandchildren. Today, their wish has finally come true.

We are the future of our motherland, and the prosperity and strength of the Chinese nation will continue in our hands. Mother of the motherland, please believe us. We will live up to your ardent hope, move forward bravely and strive to create a better and more brilliant future.

Primary school students celebrate the National Day topic composition 1

National Day is a happy day for every Chinese. Over the past 70 years, the Chinese people have forged another brilliant history. Today, when the country is peaceful and the people are safe, Nantong city is decorated with charming and enchanting atmosphere. People all over the city relax, travel, shop and get together under the same blue sky & hellip& hellip; Enjoy the sunshine and joy of golden autumn.

You see, Haoxi Cultural Square is full of people and flowers. Numerous pots of flowers form beautiful flower beds, which decorate the square like a colorful garden. The musical fountain, which rarely shows its posture at ordinary times, also shows its skill on this day of national celebration. It dances with the music and looks like white practice in the air and silver splashes from a distance. In the blue sky, there are colorful kites of various shapes, and some of them spin like drunken people; Some are like eagles flying high, looking for prey with their keen eyes; Some are like Flower Fairies - butterflies, a leisurely and complacent look & hellip& hellip; People are flying hopes and ideals here!

The flow of people in Langshan Scenic Spot and Haohe scenic spot is soaring. Most people who don't want to play too tired choose the upstream of the water. There is a white beach in Haodong green space. Because children love to play with sand, over time, it will be a 'Beach Beach' in the city. Children often come here to pile sand, do sand sculpture and fight water battles, which is really addictive.

As the main trade street in the urban area, South Street is crowded with people. The 'challenge arena' in front of major shopping malls is built high, and songs come and go one after another. Nantong book city is bustling. People take advantage of the National Day holiday to roam in the ocean of knowledge.

Nantong, with beautiful mountains, water, people and scenery, makes people don't want to go when they come and travel in their dreams.

Primary school students celebrate the National Day topic composition 2

'five star red flag, you are my pride; Five star red flag, I am proud of you, cheer for you, I bless you: your name is more important than my life & hellip& hellip;' Whenever I hear this exciting melody, my heart lifts up. 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, during which great changes have taken place in China.

Take our village for example. In the past, there were thatched houses and earth houses. Thatched houses were low, dark, dusty and easy to catch fire. They had to change grass every two or three years. The earth house has low safety and is easy to collapse. Now with the reconstruction policy of dangerous buildings, people have built spacious and bright buildings and paved with smooth and clean floor tiles. In the past, every family lit candles at night, and there was only a weak light in the room. Now with an electric lamp, it was as bright as day. In the past, most people in the village were vegetarian and occasionally ate meat. Now their living conditions are good. They can eat meat whenever they want. In the past, whenever it rained, the muddy path in the village would be washed out. It was easy to fall when walking. Now the government has replaced our mud road with a concrete road & hellip& hellip; In short, not only the food, clothing, housing and transportation have changed, but also the science and technology have undergone earth shaking changes.

In the past, farmers' uncles worked hard and slowly by hand, whether they were ploughing or weeding. Especially in summer, clothes are often soaked with sweat. Now it's easy. With the scarifier and lawn mower, it's not only fast and efficient, but also not particularly tired. People used to go out with cash, which was inconvenient and easy to be stolen. Nowadays, with mobile phones, payment in mobile phones is both convenient and fast. In the past, people had to rely on letters to send messages to distant friends, and a letter took a long time to reach each other. Nowadays, people use wechat, QQ and other software to contact. It only takes a few seconds for you to see the message from the other party, which saves a lot of unnecessary waiting.

There are other changes in China: for example, the rapid development of economy and the improvement of national quality & hellip& hellip; All these facts prove that the motherland is becoming stronger and stronger!

In this beautiful era, we should study hard and contribute our part to the construction of socialist modernization. Here I wish my motherland mother a happy 70th birthday and wish you more and more powerful!

800 words for celebrating the 70th birthday of the motherland

New youth dare to act and forge the Chinese dream

Tempered by wind and rain, years and months are like songs. After 70 years of hardships and hardships, China has gone from 'standing up' to 'getting rich' and then to 'getting strong'. At this critical node, we should live up to the efforts of our predecessors, carry forward the past and forge ahead, dare to act on the new node, and jointly forge the great Chinese dream!

Over the past 70 years, new China has been born after the rain and now has luxuriant branches and leaves at a speed that has amazed the world. Behind this Chinese speed is the youth of several generations of young people, their selfless dedication, their brave innovation, and their spirit of abandoning their small home to become everyone. Therefore, at the node of the new era, we should not be complacent, but closely connect our dreams with the Chinese dream, dare to act and create the Chinese dream together!

Young people in the new era should be realistic and pragmatic, have the courage to reflect and correct their mistakes, and demonstrate their determination to revive. The 70 years of the motherland have not been smooth sailing, and there have been confusion and hesitation, but finally began the pain of reform in reflection. The redress of unjust, false and wrong cases that began in 1978 and the lessons learned reflect the style of a big country; In 1979, the reform and opening up began the great feat of changing the world pattern in the 21st century; On the eve of the new era, a large-scale anti-corruption campaign was launched "Being realistic and pragmatic" is the motto since then, under the guidance of this thought & hellip& hellip; All this is only for one goal - China's rejuvenation!

In the new era, we should inherit this spirit of seeking truth, pragmatism and brave reflection, constantly reflect on the way to realize our dreams, not empty talk, but practical work. We should firmly believe that happiness comes from struggle.

Bravely set the tide and dare to innovate; Young people in big countries should bravely stand at the forefront of the times and establish an innovative spirit. " The clouds and mountains are green, the river is vast, and the wind of Sir is high and the water is long '. Standing on the node of the 70th birthday of the motherland, looking back on the previous fighters, it is not difficult to find their common quality - innovation. The Three Gorges project has attracted the attention of the world; Manned spaceflight, global concern; Nan Rendong, the "father of the heavenly eye" with green hair and white hair for 20 years, and Yu Min, the "father of the two bombs" and the "father of the hydrogen bomb" who has been anonymous for decades & hellip& hellip; They tell us from their own experience that science and technology make a powerful country and innovation casts the future. Therefore, at the new node, we should be brave to stand at the forefront, be first and innovate. Use new ideas and methods to break through one difficulty after another on the road of dreams and even on the road of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

In this era, we should step on the earth and take the long march of a new generation. In the mud, we should also strengthen the faith of being realistic and pragmatic and daring to innovate. This will bring us a different life, and such a life will complement our times.

'day is not everywhere, youth comes from itself. Moss flowers are as small as rice, and they also learn to bloom like peonies. " New youth, dare to act and forge the Chinese dream!