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Su Bingtian's absence from the final has a great impact on his low back injury, but it will not end

Original title: without the 100 meter showdown, Su Bingtian and Xie Zhenye said they would start again

Early this morning, the men's 100m Flying Man Battle of the 2019 Doha track and field world championships came to an end. The final is still the world of European and American players. Including Su Bingtian, Xie Zhenye, two Chinese flying men and Japanese players such as Tong Shengxiang show, five Asian players who have run for 10 seconds stopped in the semi-finals. In the final, Coleman ran out of the world's best score of 9.76 this year and won the title strongly. American veteran Gatling won the second place in 9.89.

"The results are still unsatisfactory. This year, my low back injury has brought too much impact. Life is like this. I can accept both high and low. " As early as the preliminaries of the previous competition day, Su Bingtian's promotion was somewhat thrilling. After being shortlisted for the more competitive semi-finals, Su Bingtian's results were still not ideal.

Su Bingtian appeared in the first group of the semi-finals with American famous Coleman and Canadian famous aaron & middot; Brown, Japanese player Sani & middot; Brown and others competed in the same game. Su Bingtian finally ran 10.23 seconds, ranking 8th in the group and missed the finals. Followed by Xie Zhenye, the opponents in the same group include Gatlin, Blake and other famous players. The Chinese flying man won the fourth place in the group in 10.14 seconds and also stopped in the semi-finals.

Su Bingtian said after the game that although his performance at the World Championships was affected by his low back injury, he was not discouraged. 'sportsmen, their tolerance is to be strong. Thank you for your support. I really received it. I believe my sports career will not end like this, as you said, because I am Su Shen. "

'when everyone didn't play well, I let the opportunity slip away.' Xie Zhenye said after the game that although he missed the good opportunity to advance to the 100m finals, he would pack up his mood and focus on the later games, 'there are more arduous tasks waiting for me to challenge. I am a professional athlete and will not let myself remain silent in the past and rise up in the 200m.'