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How to send SMS blessings to friends on National Day? Send a friend a text message on National Day

National Day is coming. It's more appropriate to send blessings to your friends on this special day. What are the SMS blessings for friends on National Day? Let's have a look

Send SMS blessings to friends on National Day

1. A light, a total of cut west window candles. A cup of thin wine will make you feel better. A wisp of light wind, warm and elegant. A blessing, simple and sincere. May you always smile during the National Day holiday!

2. National Day, national day, all over the world. Happiness adds to happiness. Entertainment, happy every day. Greetings, waiting for you. Bless, add wealth and happiness! Happy National Day!

3. The whole country is celebrating with joy, and happy wishes are shared! First, I wish life to be good everywhere, second, I wish my feelings to be good all the time, third, I wish my career to be high step by step, and I wish your family to be reunited and people to laugh often.

4. Happy National Day, relax and spend leisure, make some delicious food and drink, have a lot of fun in tourism, listen to a happy song and send a winding text message to remind: don't forget me during the festival!

5. SMS wings, flying good wishes; The neon night sky lights up and shines on the happy dream; Autumn cicadas sing, happy hearts bloom; Wish you a happy National Day!

6. The National Day holiday is very rare. Enjoy leisure and happiness. Visit relatives and friends to catch up with the past. There are many true feelings at the reunion party. Calling friends is not lonely. Send blessings by SMS. May you have more fun on the National Day!

7. [National Day holiday 'three from four'] when shopping, you should follow, follow and listen; Do housework well, pay bills, listen to complaints, and suffer grievances. Honey, obey it!

8. Say whether you are busy or not, say whether you are free or not, and let your mind relax; Say near, say far, really miss friends; Say more, say less, happy holidays!

9. Years and months are like songs, thousands of years of glory, this is better than the past; The flowers are bright and colorful, and the sky is full of celebration; Blessings are like rain, floating around you. I sincerely wish you a happy National Day and a happy family!

10. [secret script for long holiday entertainment] drink celery juice to eliminate headache; Drink some strong tea and wake up; Eat an orange to suppress vomiting. Willing to drink moderately and take care of your health!

11. The National Day is coming. Congratulations are reported in advance. I wish you a raise, no overtime, happy and high salary. Do not complain, only pay money, do not add trouble, only add happiness. Eat when you want to eat, sleep when you want to sleep, and close your mouth when you receive blessings.

12. National Day is coming. I don't want to give you too much care. I only give you 50 million: be happy, be healthy, be safe, be rich, and don't forget me. Wish: happy National Day!

13. Dear passengers, welcome to Z101 National Day train. This train goes to the gate of happiness. It arrives on time at this moment and the journey is a lifetime. Welcome to your ride. Have a nice trip. Thank you!

14. On the occasion of the eleventh Festival, I wish you: National Day, family day and universal celebration; Official resources, financial resources, both right and left; Popularity, fortune, and constant fate; Wish, wish, wish. Happy National Day!

15. When the National Day holiday comes, the mood arithmetic problem: add the salary, reduce the sadness, multiply it by happiness and wishful thinking, divide it by worry and depression, and I'll tell you that happiness is on the national day. I wish you a happy National Day.

16. The sunshine in October is filled with festivity, the light wind in October is reading the mood, and the fireworks in October are blooming with good luck. On the national day, let the busy steps stop. May you engrave happiness into your heart. I wish you a happy National Day!

17. The National Day is celebrated all over the country. It's an honor for you and me to work together. I send sincere greetings. I wish you the best performance. I hope our future cooperation will go to a higher level, mutual benefit and win-win!

18. The red lanterns are hung high, and the National Day is coming again; The golden chrysanthemum spits its fragrance, and you laugh in the bushes; Fireworks light up half the sky and hope for a better tomorrow; A greeting, a feeling, its joy is at present. Happy National Day!

19. The whole country is celebrating with joy, and happy wishes are shared! First, I wish my studies to improve day by day, second, I wish my life to be good everywhere, third, I wish my feelings to be smooth all the time, fourth, I wish my career to be high step by step, I wish four happiness balls to come, and I wish your family reunion and people to laugh often.

20. There are three most famous' festivals' in the world: XiMenqing is despised by everyone, qingsao a sympathizes with everyone, and everyone is happy on national day. National Day is coming. I wish you good health, good mood, Pepsi and good luck!

21. Because you haven't contacted for a long time, friends on National Day are ready to settle accounts for you after autumn: 1. Carpet human flesh search; 2. Launch SMS bomb autumn offensive; 3. Mail a huge friendship bill, you pay for all parties!

22. Just count your kindness. You pay when I eat, and you pay when I consume. You are inseparable from me. This holiday, I see you are very thin, skin and bone, which makes me sad. My wallet, can you drum up a little more?

23. Chairman Mao said: the body is the capital of revolution. Therefore, when you receive this message, I only gently say: the body is the capital of happiness. Even during the holidays, you should take good care of yourself. I wish you a happy holiday!

24. At the end of the holiday, there are no gorgeous words and don't copy other people's thinking. Just send my sincere blessing and simple hello: God, please bless those who read text messages to be happy until they are old, and the days with my blessing will never be troubled!

25. You only come once a year for seven days. You haven't played hot yet. In the blink of an eye, you're leaving. I'm really reluctant to think of you leaving, but I still have to be happy for the rest of the day. Don't get me wrong. I'm talking about holidays.

26. The holidays have been counted down, the mood is as happy as before, the journey is safe, and health is on the way. There is often wealth attention, and happiness will not be lonely. On the last day, text messages deliver blessings and smile to spend it with you!

27. The National Day holiday is coming to an end. In view of your excellent performance during the holiday, I hereby give you six awards: long holiday happiness award, happy smile award, safe travel award, rest and Health Award, blessing transmission award and everything goes well award. The 'six' represents Shun. May your career, love and everything go well!

28. Is the festival over? Have a good time? Are there fewer text messages? No one cares? How are you today? Fortunately, I am still silently blessing you. May your happiness be postponed to the end of the festival, and every day is more and more happy!

29. It's the sixth day of national day. Where's the gift you gave me? In fact, a smile is enough, such as a glass of thin wine, intoxicating my heart; Like a wisp of soft wind, it warms my heart; Turn the stars to illuminate my heart. When the heart is bright and warm, we can always pay attention to you and take care of you. My heart, you know!

30. (first day) + (work) =? Tomorrow is the first day of work after a long holiday. May you unlock this question mark. The answer is good! I wish you back to your post: work hard! Good fortune! Everything goes well!