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Free fish account how to solve Alipay, micro-blog, Taobao, idle fish untying Methods Summary

When we use free fish, we bind Taobao, Alipay and micro-blog, then we may want to untie or bind them. How do we do this?

1、 Taobao

You can't tie up Alipay, you can only change it.

The following steps are taken to change Alipay's account.

1. Log in to Taobao personal center and click on the avatar;

2. Click on the following interface to find the Alipay binding settings.

3. There is an account unbound or changed behind the binding status. Click next to unbound or bind according to the prompt.

Two, Alipay

1, download the latest version of Alipay, login the binding account, enter the home page, click on "sesame credit".

2. After entering the sesame credit page, click the 'setting' icon in the upper right corner to enter the setting page

3. After entering the setting page, click 'authorization management' to enter the authorization management page

4. After entering the authorization management page, click 'idle fish' to enter the authorization details page

5. Then click 'Cancel authorization' on the details page, then select 'don't want to use the service', and finally click Finish to cancel the binding

3、 Microblog

1. Users can click my Taobao on the home page of Taobao;

2. In the account settings, click microblog binding and unbind it.