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Collection of handwritten newspaper patterns celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the

The whole country is celebrating the national day. We have sorted out some hand copied text model articles and picture model materials on the National Day theme for your reference:

The front part is good sentences and good paragraphs on national day, and the picture material is behind the text.

National Day sentence:

1. When the National Day comes, it is autumn. The autumn is high and crisp, the scenery is pleasant, the temperature is appropriate, the cold wind is coming, and the vegetation is not withered.

2. At the National Day party, songs are like tide, flowers are like sea, people are crowded and colorful flags are dancing.

3. The land of China is full of flowers, and the music in the sky of the motherland is like a tide.

4. We can celebrate your birthday with flowers. We can sing your greatness with our hearts. But I prefer to build you with the love of a child!

5. On the night of national day, Tiananmen Square is magnificent and dazzling.

6. Fireworks are flying and roaring in the night sky. The night sky of the festival is colorful and dazzling.

7. Every national day is a day for Chinese people to perceive their own belonging and express their feelings.

8. Before and after the National Day every year, there are lanterns and decorations everywhere, filled with joy.

Good section of National Day:

1. China's naive blue. In the universe, the trace of China's first man-made satellite 'Dongfanghong' has survived to this day. It symbolizes China's most important leap and a milestone in China's aerospace history. On the moon, there is a national flag. It is the red of blood and the heart of 1.3 billion Chinese people. The red flag flying in the universe is so bright and proud. Chang'e-1 has successively flown into space, and Chang'e-2 is about to fly into the vast space. We are eager to explore the universe, we want to see further.

2. In history, we dissolve in it and share the excitement and sadness of the past; Looking ahead, we will find that the road ahead is more distant and difficult.

3. China is an ancient civilization. The four great inventions stand still. Confucianism has been praised so far, and poetry, songs and Fu emerge one after another. Those things I read from childhood are deeply branded in my heart and deeply connect me with my motherland.

4. Since the founding of the people's Republic of China, our country has been making continuous progress and rising, rising to a height of attention of 10000 people. Although there are no rough waves, there is a momentum of mountains and seas rising and falling, and a powerful force of thunder is surging!

5. The motherland has a long history, just like the Yellow River and the Yangtze River, which have gone through thousands of years of wind and rain, thousands of turns and forge ahead. Looking back on the long history, the national spirit tempered hundreds of millions of times stands proudly like Mount Everest.

6. Motherland, you are neither humble nor arrogant, nor impatient nor surprised. With magnanimous, open-minded, profound and quiet, you are marching towards the dawn of the new century. Motherland, we sing you.

7. We grew up in an era when the motherland took off. We are the heirs of the great motherland, the successors of the socialist cause and the future founders of the motherland. We have lofty ideals and firm will. We should care about the motherland and serve the great motherland with our blood and sweat! Today, in the day when the people all over the country raise a glass to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, let's cheer, sing together, sing about our dear motherland, sing about our happy life, and let the flying five-star red flag witness our healthy growth.

8. Motherland, you feed us to grow up and give us nose, eyes and ears. Although these are very common things, as long as they are combined together, they become us. What are we? We are the snow lotus in full bloom on Tianshan Mountain, we are the eagle flying on the grassland, we are the mountain pills on the loess slope, and we are the hope on the earth of China. We are Chinese teenagers.

9. China's progress and development are surging forward, vast and unstoppable. The Chinese people have made indelible contributions to human civilization with their intelligence and outstanding creativity. We firmly believe that the hardworking, brave and wise Chinese people, in the unprecedented great practice of building a well-off society in an all-round way, will be able to unite as one, work hard, forge ahead bravely, stride forward towards the grand goal, honor the noble mission entrusted by the times, and build China into a prosperous, strong, democratic and civilized modern socialist country as soon as possible.

10. This history condenses the grandeur, paints the October sunshine heartily, this momentum is impassioned, builds a monument and stands tall in the east of the world. The glorious era has written a brilliant chapter of new China with vigorous hands.

11. Motherland, you have experienced a vast 5000 years, and a long history nourishes our teenagers in the 21st century. Your rapid development makes the world see your strength. Your beautiful mountains and rivers make us proud.

12. I am Chinese and my heart will always be with China. I remember reading an American Report. What kind of thanks will an overseas Chinese give to win the prize? The overseas Chinese simply replied, 'I can only speak one sentence of English' I \'m Chinese 'I am Chinese and I will continue to answer in Chinese.' The American reporters present were stunned and the Chinese reporters stood up and applauded. Although the overseas Chinese was abroad, he never forgot his motherland and never forgot that he was a Chinese.

13. We are full of youth, blood boiling, getting rid of childishness and becoming mature. We no longer hide under the broad wings of our parents to take shelter from the wind and rain. Instead, like the proud petrel, we are eager for the storm, dare to work hard and shoulder important tasks. For the prosperity of the motherland and the nation, today we have the passion to light the fire of hope, water the flowers of success with youth sweat, study hard and strive to be realistic, Cultivate noble moral sentiments, master rich knowledge, enhance the sense of innovation, and always be ready to make their due contributions to the construction of the motherland and the revitalization of China.

14. For the growth of the motherland, countless people have worked hard, and how many people have burned their lives and youth for the prosperity and strength of the motherland! Even under the strangulation of feudalism and even in the artillery fire of imperialism, the Chinese people still stand up the ancient Great Wall of China with their own backbone.

15. My motherland is the people's Republic of China. It stands like a rooster in the east of the world, 9.6 million square kilometers. 56 nationalities are close to each other, and 1.3 billion people are full of fighting spirit. The motherland is undergoing profound and great changes every day. The development and changes of the motherland arouse my heartfelt blessings.

16. It is another golden October and a season full of harvest. After several hardships in the past, the motherland stands tall in the east of the world with its strong and unyielding backbone. We are proud, we are proud, we sing for a strong motherland. The following are the pictures of the model manuscripts: