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Chinese women's volleyball team's nine consecutive victories Chinese women's volleyball team vs Dutc

On September 27, the 9th round of competition for the 2019 women's Volleyball World Cup was launched in Osaka, Japan. Against the Netherlands, which fought again in the world cup after 24 years, the Chinese women's volleyball team was more targeted. After four games, it broke through 3-1, winning nine consecutive wins and leading the top teams. The scores in four games were 25-19, 25-16, 21-25 and 25-19. The defeated Dutch team completely withdrew from the medal competition after losing game 4.

The Chinese women's volleyball team did its best to send the main force. The first to appear were Zhu ting and Zhang Changning, the main attack, Yuan Xinyue and Yan Ni, Gong Xiangyu, Ding Xia and Wang Mengjie. The Dutch women's volleyball team did not send belien in the fine-tuning of the secondary attack line, but enabled LOHUIS to partner kurhass. At the same time, the first starters were bouygis and grotus, who took over sloteyes, bongarz and Schutter.

At the beginning of the first game, the blocking strength of Yan Ni and Zhang Changning exceeded 5-1. After the Netherlands pulled 2 points in a row, Yan Ni broke through the round and Yuan Xinyue fought back. China took the lead 8-3 and entered the first technical suspension. Yuan Xinyue stopped kurhasi's fast break and sloteyes spiking out of the bounds, and China opened the score to 10-3. Sloteyers' strong attack improved, Gong Xiangyu and Zhang Changning spiked out one after another, and the Netherlands chased back to 7-10. Sloteyes pushed the ball out of bounds and bouygis captured the net. The Netherlands fell behind 7-12. Yuan Xinyue made contributions to the other party's joint Department, and China took the lead in the second technical suspension 16-10. The blocking of Yan Ni and Gong Xiangyu made it impossible for the two winged attackers of the other party to break through, expanding the leading edge to 20-12. After Prak's counterattack reached 18-23, Zhang Changning took the second round, Zhu Ting locked the victory, and China went to the next city 25-19.

In the second set, the Netherlands changed to diyekoma as the second setter. After the 7-7 draw, Zhu Ting lifted the crane successfully, and China took the lead in 8-7 to enter the first technical suspension. After the suspension, China continued to put pressure on Ding Xia's serving wheel. Zhu Ting made achievements in combination with three achievements, bouygis made two strong attacks out of bounds, and Yan Ni made achievements in attacking and blocking, winning 7 points 15-7 in a row. Holland replaced the second attack Timmerman, who was still sad. Yanni blocked sloteyes's back attack and took the lead 16-7 in the second technical suspension. Sloteyes smashed out of bounds, Yuan Xinyue stopped grotus's handling ball, and China took the lead 21-10. Ding Xia smashed the ball 24-13 in the second time to win the inning point. Diyekoma missed the second time, Zhu Ting was stopped, Jasper caught the counterattack, and the Netherlands chased it to 16-24. Lohuys served off the net and China won 25-16, leading 2-0.

In the third set, the Netherlands joined hands with Timmerman and LOHUIS on the secondary attack line. After the 6 draw, Gong Xiangyu and Yuan Xinyue succeeded in continuous attacks, and China took the lead 8-6 to enter the first technical suspension. Sloteyers fought back and made a 12 draw. After the 14 draw, Zhu Ting made an offensive mistake and the Netherlands surpassed 15-14. After the 15 draw, sloteyes's strong attack was judged out of bounds to challenge the hitter successfully, and China fell behind 15-16 in the second technical suspension. Grotus fought back 17-15 and took the lead. After Zhu Ting made a strong attack, China replaced Zhang Changning with Li Yingying. Li Yingying's first pass and attack were frustrated one after another, grotus dropped the ball successfully, and the Netherlands took the lead 21-16. After Yuan Xinyue ran back to 21-24, Li Yingying served out of bounds. China lost 21-25 and was pulled back by the Netherlands.

In the fourth inning, grotus caught the counterattack and Zhang Changning's pass was frustrated, and China fell behind 2-5. Zhu Ting's serve and net score reached 4-5, Zhang Changning's heavy buckle bited to 6-7, bouygis hit hard, and the Netherlands took the lead 8-6 to enter the first technical suspension. Zhang Changning's counterattack tied 9. After the 12 draw, Zhang Changning grabbed the probe, the other party's mismatch, sloteyes's attack was stopped, and China scored 3 points in a row and exceeded 15-12. After the Netherlands pulled 2 points in a row, Zhang Changning forced the attacker out of bounds, and China took the lead 16-14 in the second technical suspension. After the suspension, Gong Xiangyu fought back twice, Zhang Changning attacked and blocked Lian Jiangong, and China won another 5 points to pull the score to 20-14. Bouygis's counterattack was approaching to 18-21. Yuan Xinyue flew over the wheel and Zhang Changning served straight. China took the lead at 23-18. Yuan Xinyue's fast break won the game point and bouygis smashed out of bounds. China won 25-19 and beat the Netherlands 3-1.

China's main attack Zhu Ting contributed 22 points, the secondary attack yuan Xinyue and the main attack Zhang Changning scored 16 points and 15 points, followed by Gong Xiangyu scored 12 points, and the secondary attack Yan Ni scored 9 points. Holland's successor sloteyes scored 24 points, grotus scored 11 points and bouygis scored 9 points.

The 10th round of the world cup will be held tomorrow. The Chinese women's volleyball team will fight with Serbia, which is mostly played by substitutes. If they win, they can successfully defend the title one round in advance.